A day! A day! Oy.

Published August 15, 2011 by The Author

*Takes deep breath, relaxes body*

Well. Today was the first day that I started trying to get my time management under control. I’ve been tracking what I’ve done all day on a spreadsheet I got from the wonderful Allena Tapia at About.com’s Freelance Site. You can find it here if you’re interested: http://forums.about.com/n/docs/docDownload.ashx?webtag=ab-freelncwrite&guid=139acfef-d42b-4007-8d25-f709d17ba969. It’s very handy so far, but I have to make sure not to lose too much time fiddling with it!

I had a frustrating morning with edits requested on one of my articles. It’s not the first time I’ve dealt with editors, and definitely not the first time I’ve dealt with a tough one. But there was some stuff in there that was not only unfair, but went directly against the publication’s own guidelines. Yet I can’t contact the editor (they’re anonymous) until I resubmit my one and only chance at a rewrite.

I have a few days to deal with it, so I just put it aside for the time being to work on less stressful projects.

YES! And just when I was feeling down, I got some good news. I had applied to another site last week for a job there, and had my application denied. I didn’t think the rejection was fair according to the reasons they gave (poor style, grammar, format, voice, etc.) So I picked a different article and reapplied, detailing why I believed they were in error, and I would be an excellent addition to their organization. Well, I just got their decision, and I’ve been accepted! W00t!

Now I just have to stop doing administrative stuff, and get back to work. I’m still working on that balance thing. I managed to get the catbox out of the way today, but not the vacuuming, and I haven’t worked out yet. I also haven’t watched True Blood, and it’s BURNING A HOLE IN MY BRAIN. Time management — where does one learn it… for free?

Signing off here for today, unless something big happens!

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