My purpose in… blogging.

Published August 17, 2011 by The Author

Plot Summary: The American
by Henry James – Not his best novel, definitely, but an excellent example of a melodramatic late 19th century romance. This is my first attempt at a plot summary, as opposed to a review!

How to Use Your Own Bodyweight to Exercise – Who needs a gym? You can exercise for free using nothing but your bod in the privacy of your own home!

Please stop by and check out the new additions!


And that’s today’s self-promotion! Time for some chit-chat about This Writer’s Life. Which… maybe should be called This Writer’s Madness. LOL

One thing I haven’t done yet is share my Mission Statement for Bloodthirsty Muses — that is, this blog. That’s mostly because I haven’t really written one down. It’s not in focus. I want to share my experiences both in fiction and freelance writing with others of the same ilk. I’d love to talk about my favorite fictional characters, books I’ve been reading, everything having to do with the written word.

In other words, I need to clarify more. Otherwise I’ll just end up babbling here, or not posting at all. The problem right now is I think I’ve stretched myself too thin. Between finding work, writing articles, and promoting articles, I’m thinking about this stuff in my sleep! I hardly have time for something like sitting still and writing a blog. I hear so much about niche blogs, but I’ve got two distinct niches: writing (too general) and vampires/paranormal/dark fantasy (of which there is a glut). So what’s a girl to do?

Leave it till tomorrow and go see “The Help.” How was your day?

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