Produce! Produce!

Published August 19, 2011 by The Author

And I’m not talking about fresh veggies, although… mmmmm. I could use a nice big salad right about now. We’ve been practically living on cucumbers and pickles, since our garden has been producing prolific, monstrous cucumbers for the third year in a row, which makes me wonder what might have been left in the soil when the base left years ago. ๐Ÿ˜‰

ANYhoo (she said as the men in the black helicopters came to get her) I HAVE been productive writing, and I have a couple more articles to share.

This one was interesting: The Effect of the Napoleonic Code on Women’s Rights. Now, I was a Women’s Studies minor in college, but our focus was generally on American feminism. I never learned about the struggles of early French feminists during the Revolution, or spitfire Revolutionary Olympe de Gouges (who unfortunately met the same fate as so many others in that time — the guillotine.) Keep an eye out for another article on her!

Some of you may not know that I was born and raised on the SE Connecticut shore. It was funny — writing Travel Guide: Southeastern Connecticut made me homesick! Although I’ve never been back with the casinos dominating the area, I hear it’s changed a lot of things completely. I remember when it was all rural out where I lived in Ledyard. Now it’s like Las Vegas had a baby there! LOL

Anyway, I tried to emphasize a lot of other things I remember from my youth. There’s so much to do there outside the casinos, that I couldn’t even cover a portion of it in my 1500 word limit!

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Just in honor of my home area (Ledyard/Mystic), here’s a spectacular picture of the Mystic River I found. *sigh* Used with Creative Commons License. Click to see the full size.

Home Sweet Home

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