Saturday in the Comfy Chair!

Published August 20, 2011 by The Author

Okay, first, I want it noted for the record that the original “Fright Night” is on TV, and I’d forgotten how much I loved this cheezy campy vamp movie when I was a kid – one of my formative fictional favorites! I haven’t seen the new version, but I can tell you one way I know what a cranky old lady I am is that I grumble just at the thought of the “remakes” or “reboots” of old movies I love. Darn kids, get off my movies!

So, writing. Today I took most of the day to research and write an article for which I’ll get a dollar up front, and maybe some residuals later if it does well. Now, I love writing these little articles (between 400 and 1500 words, depending on the topic — this one was about 1000), but is writing for $.001/word really worth it? Everyone has to start somewhere, of course, and this is *up front* money, rather than simply possible residuals, or competing for larger assignments with seasoned professionals. As I build up my portfolio, I can build up my higher-paying jobs, as well. So I guess I answered my own question. Yes – it’s worth it. Besides, anything that gets my name out there and associated with quality writing is worth my time. That’s why I write a blog too!

The one thing I need to work on is my pacing. If I am going to make this work, I need to get substantial work done on more than one article a day. Maybe finish writing one, research and start writing the next. The problem is, I don’t have a good handle on my productivity. Every article requires a different amount of research, a different kind and amount of writing. I might kick out 1500 in a few hours, and 500 might take a whole day. I wonder how other freelancers do it? I know that if I want to make a consistent amount of money at this, I need to be able to plan jobs coming in and going out. I’ll have to look around the ‘net and see if I can find any information on that — I haven’t run into any good advice yet. If anybody has any tips, feel free to share!

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