One good thing about working for yourself…

Published August 23, 2011 by The Author

You won’t get fired if you don’t show up for a few days. Actually, I have been working, I just haven’t been blogging!

I was a bad girl this weekend — I didn’t take Sunday off from freelance writing the way I planned. I really want to do that to give myself a chance to get some fiction writing done, or even better, get away from the computer altogether. But I took an assignment instead — in a format that I’ve never written before! I spent a lot of the day and evening learning the form, and then writing my first attempt. If I can get good at these, I could really make some money from it. I’m just used to article or academic style, so learning the jargon and format of business articles and press release is really a challenge.

I think deciding to really make a go at freelancing was the best thing I’ve ever done (after I get the whole balance thing under control, of course) because I have never loved a job so much. As I’ve talked about before, it’s so easy for an entire day to just go sliding by without my realizing it, and I don’t mind at all. In fact, working is FUN for the first time. I have complete control over my schedule, my time, how much I do or don’t work. I get to learn new things, which is one of my great joys. I have a lot more to get a handle on to really call this a career, but the way I feel right now, I’m in it to win it!

Addendum: I sold my first “real” article today. It’s still not a lot of money, but more than twice as much as the material I write for content creation sites! Yay me!

Publishing Updates for the Day:

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Last but not least, a big source of income for people who do business online is Google AdSense. There are steps you can take if you run into problems: What to Do if Your Google AdSense Account is Disabled.

Views are appreciated, feedback is worshipped!

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