Gooday, Lads and Lasses!

Published August 26, 2011 by The Author

Even though I’m in WAAAAAY upstate New York (near the Canadian border) we’re still getting ready for some possible battering from Hurricane Irene. We live in a rural area, and we tend to lose power when somebody breathes too hard on the wires, so we have to be prepared to go without power for a few days, as well as some heavy duty rain. Of course, my computer only has a 1 hour battery, because I was stupid when I bought it and never really thought beyond my purse strings. SO that means my preparations for a storm translates into “getting all possible writing and electronic communication done”.

The morning was spent finishing up two articles that were actually due today, so I don’t think that counts as getting ahead. I’m going to get another one (hopefully two) finished before bed tonight, and print out the research for another so I can work even if we lose power. It’s a complicated academic paper anyway, so it will be easier to write if I have all my sources lined up in front of me. Writing about Oscar Wilde by candlelight! Fun! (No, seriously, I’m that much of a literary geek.) Speaking of which, I need to figure out in which of my billions of shelves, boxes and piles of books I put my copy of “Dorian Gray.”

I also put in some work on my own long-dreamed of non-fiction writing guide. I have a form I’ve used for years when writing a vampire character, and I’ve polished it up a bit to share with the public. I think that’ll be a good way to drive some traffic to my site AND help people out. When the book is done, it’ll be a great PR tool. Also? Fun.

Did the first draft on my 500 word short story for Associated Content… who pays nada, but really, I just needed an excuse to finish a piece of fiction, which I haven’t done since my last novel was published back in, what, 2006? Talk about serious writer’s block. I never want to go through a creative desert like that again, no matter how ill I might be. This is what I was hoping would happen once I started writing articles again. Writing anything shakes loose my imagination, and eventually the muses start snapping at me again. In a good way. ๐Ÿ˜€ So today, 500 words that are pretty mediocre, eventually back to decently told novel length. Yay!

Today in Publication:

Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block — Just what it says. These are things I use… when I’m not sunk in a pit of despair… that actually work!

Another writing article: How to find inspiration for writing a novel. Again, advice I use myself!

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