Published August 26, 2011 by The Author

Another plus to freelancing — as long as I’m not behind on my deadlines, I can take a few hours off on a day when I’m really tired and not very productive. I didn’t sleep well last night (cat shenanigans), so the afternoon blahs hit me this afternoon. I had actually forgotten about the days when I worked in an office, and at 2pm almost without fail, I felt like I could pass out right at my desk. It might partly be the whole wheat pasta I had for lunch, in addition to the poor sleep. Sugar crash.

But lo! If I wanted to, I could take a nap. I’m so happy that that possibility even exists for me now. I remember how unhappy I used to be sitting at that desk in that dreary, stuffy office under those soul-sucking fluorescent lights and know that I could not only not stop to take a nap, I couldn’t even slow down the pace of boring, useless, paper-shuffling work I did. By the time I got home after days like that, I just sat on my but until I passed out.

Speaking of keeping my schedule in line, I think one of the first investments I’m going to make is in one of these: Board Dudes Magnetic Dry Erase Board Value Pack, 24 x 36 Inches (79194VAT-12). I think it will help me if I can look at what’s going on in big, bold notes. Plus, maybe I could wean myself off my post-it addiction if I had a big board.

And in the interest of random links, I do was doing some research on cat trees, and I came across this: Ceiling Kitteh’s New Hidehout. I LOVE this and want to immediately built it for my own kittehs. My younger baby (Elsie) is forever sneaking around trying to find ways to get as close to the ceiling as possible. She’s like the darn raven at the top of my chamber door!

(I can’t believe I forgot to post this on Wednesday! Actually, I can. I’m still not feeling well AND I’m juggling some bigger projects. But more on that in my next post.)

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