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Published August 31, 2011 by The Author

I’m still very much caught up in my Wilde essay, so I won’t be able to do a full post, but here are my things that have come out in the past couple of days:

First fiction I’ve finished in quite a while. It’s a 500 word short about what happens when two lovers of rival species meet again after 25 years. Will it be sweet, or will fangs and fur fly?

Two Sets of Fangs and a Cuppa Joe

And in Animal Health and Behavior:

Nobody likes to think about shots, but if we want our fuzzy feline friends (say that ten times fast) to live a long, healthy life, we have to keep track of their vaccinations. “Recommended Vaccinations for Adult Cats” can be a guide on where to start if you didn’t get your cat as a kitten.

A little bit more fun is “Common Instinctive Behavior in Dogs“. Why do our dog buddies do some of the things they do? And what can we do about it, because, let’s face it, some of those things are really annoying.

Please check out the articles, and as usual, any comments or feedback are welcome!

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