What the heck day is it?

Published September 3, 2011 by The Author

(Written and forgotten 9/1/11!)

Greek, c. 570 BCE Olympia Museum. Credits: Barbara McManus, 1980

Orestes Stabbing Clytemnestra While Electra Looks on c.570 BCE

Today in Publishing:

Character analysis: Clytemnestra in Electra, by Sophocles – Murderer and adulteress or righteous wielder of justice for a slaughtered child? She gets a bad rap in mythology, but depending on the storyteller you believe, it may not be as clear cut as it seems.


Sometimes, working at home means not knowing where you are in time or space. Especially during the summer, when you don’t have a firm TV schedule to frame your evenings. Not that I’m a TV junkie or anything (I totally am. I spent some time yesterday writing the premiere dates of my favorite shows on my calendar.). I woke up this morning not entirely sure what day it was. Not that it really matters, but I don’t want to miss my Saturday morning cartoons. Don’t look at me like that.

Finished the Wilde project — got it back with a request for some minor edits, for which I get a week. Now, you would think that getting a project back for those kind of minor edits would be really annoying, right? Well, it’s not for a number of reasons. 1.) That’s the nature of the beast, and sometimes those edits make your writing better in the long run. They definitely make your writing better when it comes to that client or company. 2.) That extra week? Gives me more time to go over the project and improve it. This one was a doozie, and I ran out of time to really give it an intense re-write. Now I have a few more days! Edits are a good thing!

Speaking of a doozie, I ran into a new and fun problem in the internet writing business that may just drive me insane: time zones. I nearly lost out on a project yesterday because I wasn’t aware the client was in the GMT time zone — making the project due at midnight the day before in my time. I BARELY got the draft done when I found out, and submitted it under the wire. It was accepted, but it definitely wasn’t my best work. Most of my clients specify a date AND a time when a project is due, but some done. Now I’m very nervous about whether or not a project that says it’s due on September 5 is actually due on September 5, or September 4. Many times you can’t communicate directly with the client (if you go through a content site). I don’t mind setting the deadline a day early on my work schedule, but I just have to know ahead of time. I’ve written more than a dozen articles for this employer — how did this never come up as an issue before? Ugh.

Today is definitely one of those burn out days. I’m not exactly tired enough to take a nap, but the work I’ve been doing is definitely going much more slowly than usual. I have a bunch of projects due on the 4th (or the 3rd? ARGH!), so today and tomorrow are jam packed. After that, I don’t have a major project due until the 14th, so I can cruise a little, maybe take a few small, quick jobs, and most of all, work on my own stuff.

I still haven’t touched any of my mouldering novels, stuck in their various levels of completeness… But I think maybe I can at least take a serious look at which one I want to pick up first. I need to start giving some seriously thought to whether I want to use an already outlined story or a new story altogether for NaNoWriMo — it’s less than 2 months away! Wait until you see me during NaNo. I need to make sure I balance my schedule for that puppy, too. Anyway, point being, it’s time to put my re-fired writing fingers to work on fiction again.

Also put a little bit more work into the Dark Fantasy guide. I’ve pretty much got the outline done. I think I’ll write a series of shorter articles about a number of the topics, plus finally polish up those old forms I use for my own paranormal fiction to share with others (I’m having wicked deja vu — how many times have I said this before?). It’s funny… not funny ha ha… some of the research I’ve been doing on my favorite genre is actually kind of annoying. I’ve been especially disturbed to find so much sexism in speculative fiction! Even in dark/urban fantasy, I read a couple of male authors coming right out and calling books in the genre written by women with strong women protagonists and heavy storylines “paranormal romance” (not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with that, thank you very much, but they are different genres), while books of the exact same style and genre with male authors and male protagonists are “serious” and deserve the label “dark” or “urban fantasy.” Really, boys? You really want to play that game, even today? Especially when the genre’s best selling author’s ARE women? Smells like jealousy, sunshine. You know, on top of the misogyny.


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