Didn’t I say Sunday was going to be my day off?

Published September 4, 2011 by The Author

Note to self: double check deadlines to make sure they don’t fall on Sunday OR finish them completely the day before they’re due. Actually, the project I’m working on TECHNICALLY isn’t due until tomorrow… in England. It all harkens back to my complaints the other day about translating deadlines based on where in the world they’re due in relation to where I am. (Which I ran into again today,unfortunately. I think unless an assignment specifies the time and time ZONE in which it’s due, I’m going to assume the date given means Midnight of that day EST. Oy. )

Anyhoo… Yesterday was very productive, considering I was seriously slacking and watching TV at the same time I was working. I polished two pieces and submitted, wrote the first draft for another, and started hacking away at one more. I’m hoping to take a day or two off from deadlines next week so I can work on my own stuff and a few non-deadline articles for sites like HubPages and Suite101 that don’t have deadlines.

I’m kind of annoyed at my web host. Which is silly, I suppose, since they offer so many great services for free. But I guess they do occasional site reviews for malicious code. It’s good for everyone overall, I know, but I just did a bunch of redesign, and now no one can see it. It’s especially bad considering my freelance clip links are listed there, and I applied for a new position there today. If the site isn’t up by tomorrow, I could lose business. They need to let people know ahead of time that they’re going to be shutting down sites, so legitimate business people can make other arrangements. *sigh* I’m starting to think I should make a page here on my blog and point people to that instead.

Okay, off to finish my last deadline project of the day. *sigh*

Today in Publishing:

Are you a procrastinator? I sure am. That bad habit shows itself a lot when I’m writing on a deadline! But it’s worst in college, when you have deadlines all over the place. Check out Strategies to avoid procrastinating on college term papers.

I also changed the format of my freelance links page. It was getting to the point that one long list of articles by publish date was making it difficult to find anything, so I set up a nice grid showing articles by topic area. Take a look, if you like: http://hafowler.host56.com/articles.htm. (If you wanted to take a look at this, you’ll have to wait at least four hours until my site is finished being “reviewed”.)

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