Exciting, for a Monday! And a holiday at that!

Published September 5, 2011 by The Author

OMG! My article on how NOT to procrastinate on college papers is on the front page at Helium! If you follow the link, then use the little arrow thing, you’ll see it after “How to choose flattering clothes for your figure.” HEY! Are they trying to tell me something? http://www.helium.com

I sort of took today off, since I didn’t take yesterday off… but not really. I’m still doing some little things here and there on projects whose due dates are coming up.

I also sent the revised Wilde project into THE AUTHORITY (not the company’s real name) so now I just have to wait and see. I was glad to have the extra time to look the paper over again — I even found one place where I spelled WILDE WRONG. Bad, BAD writer. But you all know, the more you look at something, the more you become blind to what the words really say. That’s what first readers and editors are for. Another thing I prefer about fiction: more eyes on the project, and more chances to polish up. At least in my experience thus far. With freelance, it’s more like: get it right the first time, the second if you’re lucky, or… NEXT!

Of course, the sweat and blood of fiction really happens before editors have it in their hands (i.e. writing it and GETTING it to editors) and then AFTER, with all the promotion. Although we are really lucky to have the internet, in that respect.

Hope everybody had a great day!

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