Deeep thouuuuughts…

Published September 9, 2011 by The Author

Here’s a question: what if you’re doing freelance work for an organization you think is questionable? I’m not talking illegally, politically, labor or pollution-wise, certain things are drop dead no points for me on those… but what if you’re not sure about a business’ intentions, or you’ve heard negative things about their practices? What if it’s pretty clear they’re not on the up and up? Is it your place to drop the project, even if your own reputation and business opportunities suffer as a result? Would you feel guilty if you might be helping a business rip people off or mislead them in some way?

I’m not saying that I’m involved in any projects of that sort right now, but when you work with Internet companies, odds are good you’re going to run into something like that sooner or later. I’m just procrastinating thinking.

Still sick, yet still working my booty off. Somehow I managed to over-schedule deadlines on Sunday again. My goal is to get everything done by Saturday so I can finally take my supposed day off on Sunday. I’m just not very good at taking time off when it’s so easy to sit here and work. But I really need to spend some time outside, watch a movie, work on my own fiction, etc.

Positive things! I heard back from the editor of my local women’s magazine, and she wants to meet next week! W00t! Everybody cross your digits that this is the beginning of a great relationship… and maybe another phase in my publishing career. It would be cool to branch out to magazines.

I’m also finally going to get my haircut on Sunday! I know that seems like a weird thing to make a big deal about, but let’s put it this way: I haven’t had so much as a trim in six years. Before that, it was ten. I’ve had the exact same complete lack of hairstyle since I graduated from college — long, one length, the end. It’s down to my behind now, and it’s gotten to the point where I don’t have the patience to deal with taking care of it. The detangling alone can take a half an hour or more before a shower. And IN the shower, it takes forever to wash and condition! I’m excited to chop it all off and donate the monstrosity to Locks of Love. I want to try something different. Maybe take advantage of my natural curl and get some layers chopped into it. Something a little funky, an angled bob with a long front to camouflage my pumpkin head. I can hardly wait!

Today in Publishing:

SOUP! I love the fall, and the fall is made for warm soup. The first one, Creamy Sweet Potato Soup, is just perfect for your Thanksgiving table. Just thinking about how rich it is makes me drool a little.

Which is not to dis one of my favorites, Wild Mushroom Soup. This puppy rocks with a little buttered toast. If you’re a mushroom fan, you can pack it full of whatever your favorites are.

I’ve sold a few other pieces for website copy and blogs, but I don’t have addresses where I can show people! Sad. But happy for the sales, and you know, the money doesn’t hurt either.

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