9/11 – Ten Years Later

Published September 11, 2011 by The Author

How can anyone get anything done today? I have to polish three drafts of pieces due later on, and like that horrible day in 2001, I can’t take my eyes away from the television screen. I cry more now, I think, than I did then. I’m not sure why. Maybe because of the way the world has changed. Maybe because of the loss of innocence and innocents that day brought. I don’t know.

Listening to the family members reading a list of the dead that seems to go on and on, it feels like a weight gets heavier and heavier on my shoulders. All those souls lost, and what have we learned? Do we stand together and love one another more than we did before 9/11? It doesn’t seem like it to me. It seems division, hatred and bigotry run more rampant than ever. I heard this sad story on NPR about this poor suburban Muslin family who has been harassed more and more over the years, to the point that the husband left, the eldest daughter dropped out of school, and the whole family had to leave town. What is that? These were just average Americans, and yet because of ignorance and hatred, their lives were ruined. They weren’t fanatics, they didn’t do anything. What is wrong with people? Is this really the lesson we learned? Is this why almost 3,000 people died?

We live in the flight path of a nearby airport (that used to be an air force base, many years ago) and every time a jet flies overhead, I pause in spite of myself. It’s silly, of course. There’s no reason for anyone to do damage here. We have no important buildings now that the base is long gone. Our population is scattered through the mountains and rural areas that make up the Adirondack region. There’s no particular political or financial value to the area, and still… I think, and get a little afraid, if only for a moment.

What a legacy.


Much later…

I finally managed to get everything I needed to get done, done, including seemingly endless edits on previously written pieces. Little edits — so annoying!

And in completely unrelated yet exciting (for me anyway) news: I cut off all my hair! My hairdresser said it was more than two feet long… I have a picture somewhere of me from the back not too long ago that I’ll put up with a picture of the new cut. I’ve always had wave in my hair, but I’ve been wearing it long for such long time, the wave’s been stretched out. Well, when my hairdresser cut it tonight, I swear I could hear it go “BOING!” And now it’s all curly! I swear, I haven’t had hair this curly when since I was a kid, and I would have permed the crap out of it to get this curl when I was in my teens and early 20’s. What happened? Maybe NOT styling it all of these years made it healthier, and cutting the weight off was all it needed to bounce back. Anyway, I feel naked, and LIGHT! I love it. I’ll post a picture as soon as I can… you know, in case anybody cares. LOL

I hope everyone is well.

2 comments on “9/11 – Ten Years Later

  • I cry more now as well..it breaks my heart to think of their last moments all because of an insane hatred…

    I would love to see a pic and I hope you are well my friend !

    • *hugs* I remember how everybody got online to check on each other, too. Back then we seemed to pull together for a minute. What happened? (rhetorical question, of course)

      Hi, bb! I’m so happy to see you! I’ll take a picture before I go to bed and post it tomorrow — you know you never get your hair to look as good as the hairdresser got it again! LOL

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