Long time no update!

Published September 24, 2011 by The Author

I know I need to make blogging a priority… it’s an important part of my writing business, and a fun way to track what’s going on. I’ve let myself get so busy (*cough* trying to make more money *cough*) that I’ve put other things like updating my blogs and website aside. They may not give me direct money, but they are a part of my overall writing footprint, and it’s important to keep that up!

I think the last bit of major excitement here was cutting off all of my hair. You should have seen it in the rain the other day. I looked like Roseanne Rosannadanna! Um, I think I need to get some Frizz-eeze.

Roseanne Roseannadanna - In Desperate Need of Frizz Eeze

The late, great Gilda Radner... with hair like mine in the rain.

As I said, I’ve been incredibly busy writing, and producing a ton of work I’m very happy with. Also seeing my earnings rise! I recently started a blogger position at an adorable pet lovers’ site called Yeepet that’s really fun. I love writing about animals — especially cats, which just confirms my position as a Jr. Crazy Cat Lady (I don’t think you can be a fully certified one unless you are owned by more than two felines.).

It’s also time to start giving serious thought to fiction — especially NaNoWriMo. I’m considering taking part again (I have almost every year since about 2003, I think). I have to think about whether I can put in the time for a high pressure fiction run at the same time I keep up my freelance work. I suppose I can schedule things more carefully during November. Try to take fewer, higher paying jobs, for example, and less of the small, more fun cheapy jobs (which I’m starting to get annoyed with anyway in some cases… for reasons I just won’t get into here). It’s only for a month, after all, and I might get a good rough draft to work from. I really want to start sending out fiction again and see more novels in print!

I had a very successful meeting with the editor of my local paper’s special publications department on Thursday. She was really awesome! I’m going to start pitching her ideas for various magazines on Monday. This is going to be interesting (and lucrative!) I can hardly wait. There are monthly articles for the women’s magazine (she wants me to write beauty pieces — oh the irony! LOL), the social scene insert, the economic outlook insert (once/year) and the Grandparenting magazine (four times/a year). She also teaches at the local community college, and offered me the opportunity to audit her journalism class, since I’ve never taken one.

I have a confession to make: I’m a gigantic dork who loves to take classes just for the heck of it. When they’re relevant to my profession? EVEN BETTER!

I’m so excited — this month was surprisingly profitable! Because I don’t have to invoice work I do on contract sites, I don’t keep a close eye on payments coming in. They’re all on my spreadsheet (and now in Quicken), but I don’t look at them until I get PayPal payments. I made a lot more than I thought I would this month! I might have to consult a CPA sooner than I thought, especially if I write features for the newspaper! Whee! And also… ugh. So complicated.

More fun news in freelance business — I got a wireless keyboard and mouse. I had started to have signs of Carpal Tunnel: numb fingers, arm and shoulder pain, etc. I love my laptop desk, but it really makes you sit in an awkward position to type. That’s not such a bad thing if you’re just cruising the net or maybe writing for a few hours, but when you spend 10-12 hours a day, six days a week typing away, it catches up to you fast. With the wireless hardware, I can keep the keyboard on my lap, the laptop at the proper eye level, and the mouse on the arm of my chair directly under where my right hand naturally falls. It’s brilliant, and while I still have some adjusting to do, my arms and hands feel better already.

Next I need to get a decent chair.

I need to do some serious promoting — a ton of stuff has been released since I last posted! But I have so much work and such tight deadlines, I just haven’t had time to catch up yet! I’ll try to get to it shortly, but no promises!

Hope everybody is well!

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