Is there a place to go for spankings…

Published October 4, 2011 by The Author

If you fail to do your Post-a-Day? *G* Especially when it’s three days…

I’ve just been so lazy the last few days! It’s not the dreaded burnout we talked about when I first started working 24/7. I’m still happy as a pig in poop to be doing this job, but I’ve finally reached the point where I need to take time for myself. And if I don’t do it on purpose, I get into this procrastination mode where my work is actually starting to suffer. SO (I’m having deja vu — did I talk about this recently? Oh well.) I’m taking a lot less jobs that pay more money, and leaving the smaller, less well-paying jobs alone… even if the topics there are sometimes more interesting. I figure the trade off will pay off when I get things under a regular routine — I’ll be making good money, while having more time to loaf, nap, go out, and work on my own fiction. (OMG NANO’S COMING!)

So while I’m sliding into autumn lazy mode, I’m still constantly productive because I get to determine how much work I need to do in a day. Freelancing is good.

My current savings goal (besides some new comfy clothes) is the Amazon Fire. I’ve been coveting the iPad… okay, gadgets all the way back to the iPod touch… but I’ve never been able to afford them. And I never bought a Kindle because, I confess, I’m a book snob. Not in WHAT I read, because I loves me some pulpy romance, but in the format. I really need my books. I’ll read ebooks, but books I love? I need to have them in my hands. As far as I’m concerned, the sensual experience needs to be complete, not just for the eyes. ANYWAY, so no Nook, no Kindle, etc. But when I heard that this was a TABLET that runs all those COOL APS (Android ones, from what I understand so far) for only $200 bucks, I almost threw up from excitement. Back in the day when I used to work full time and had more money than I needed, I was a junkie for new gadgets. I’ve mostly ignored them until now, simply because I couldn’t afford them.

Now I’m doing a freaky little dance every time I read about it. I know it’s just a giant advertisement for Amazon, but I DON’T CARE. I MUST HAVE ONE. Mostly so I can play Angry Birds. *G*

In other news, I’ve also decided to enter a couple of short stories into the Writer’s Digest annual contests — one in romance, and one in horror. I’m taking my first stab (heh) at the latter. It should be fun! Of course, it would be more fun if it didn’t cost $20/shot to enter… which sort of makes me rethink the whole thing, because the odds of winning are slim, and that’s FORTY BUCKS OUT OF MY FIRE ACCOUNT!

I’m so far behind in posting my publishing, I don’t even know where to start! I haven’t updated my site or update blog either! That’s something I need to work on sooner rather than later. I only wish all the work I’ve been doing lately, which is mostly business copy, is something I could share with everybody as wello, but I don’t even know where to find it once it’s in the client’s hands — it’s just not mine anymore! Which is fine, but… sort of hard to show off. *G*

Okay, I wanted to post a poll (for all like, three of my readers) what do you think I should do for NaNo this year:

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