Another… couple of days, another post.

Published October 7, 2011 by The Author
Writer's block... I has it.

Oy. Can't I just go back to bed?

I am just not in the mood to write lately. I love fall so much, but it makes me mostly want to nap and loaf. Which makes the self-employment thing so handy! I just have to fulfill the contract jobs with deadlines, and the endless list of things I “kinda wanna” write can be set aside for the time being.

The truth is, when I first started doing this kind of writing, I signed up or applied to every possible content mill and contract site I stumbled across. I only write regularly for two or three now. I guess that’s what experience is for, right? One place, for example, you write articles that require hours of research, post what you’ve written — which goes into a pile with a bunch of other people writing the same article. There’s not contracting or reserving topics. Then you have to go through an incredibly picky editorial process (I’m talking having an entire piece sent back for ONE LETTER — they can’t just fix it, you have to re-submit the entire thing.) I’ve had pieces come back four or five times for small edits… they couldn’t find them all the first time? Anyway, under normal circumstances, I have no issues with editing — I’m a fiction writer, after all, and a customer has the right to get the product they’re paying for. But this gets frustrating when you do all that work, go through those nitpicky edits, and then the piece can sit there forever, to be sold or not be sold.

Why should I waste all that time one a single piece that may come to naught, when there are other contract sites where I actually write a piece and submit it directly to the client? They still have the ability to make comments, ask for changes, and reject the piece if it just doesn’t work, but things can almost always be fixed to everybody’s satisfaction. The pieces for these other sites are usually less complicated and require less time, as well. So, even if I write one of the topics down on my schedule to write, if something I’m more likely to get paid for comes up or I just don’t feel like doing anything? Buh bye.

Then there are content mills. You may notice my writing for some sites have gone down substantially. I don’t have anything against those, necessarily. I think they have their place (and I really enjoy some of the topics a lot more than stuff I write for other projects), and it’s nice for writers to have a chance to cut their teeth, be part of a writing community, and maybe make a little change on the side, BUT… again, it’s a matter of not just money (writing an article that requires research time and writing time, and getting $2-3 for it? Um… no.) but that some sites require you to take part in site related activities in order to get paid residuals on things you DID write.

What was my point again? Oh, right. I’m lazy, and I only write for things that pay fairly well or that I enjoy a lot (when I feel like it). This job was totally made for me. 😀

On the other hand… I get to write about puppies and kitties sometimes too! *G* Those are my favorite. (Yeah, that’s how I roll. Crazy pet lady, not ashamed.)

Anyway, back to work… I have to gather some pictures of pets in cute costumes. I so love my job!

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