You know what I can’t stand?

Published October 27, 2011 by The Author

When you bust your booty all day, and it still doesn’t feel like you got anything done! I managed to throw together an extra piece for my local paper gig that was literally last minute, made some phone calls for the next paper deadline which is on Monday, and…

Um, maybe I didn’t get that much done, and that’s why I feel like I didn’t get that much done. But what I did took all day… what’s up with that?

Been getting the materials ready for NaNo! Almost finished with one major character profile, have one more to go. Have named all minor characters (of which there are an awful lot!), built the two major areas the story will take place in, and started the very beginning of the outline.

See, got a lot more done on the fiction today than the paying work! But it’s my “art,” man! MY ART, I TELLS YA!

Also, I had nachos today. They were scrumptious.

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