NaNoWriMo 2011 DAY TWO! (Which was actually yesterday.)

Published November 3, 2011 by The Author

You know it’s a bad sign when you forget to even post about the lame amount you wrote that day. I was swamped yesterday, working on two projects due this morning (including a monstrous article on holiday charity events for the paper! Aiyee!) so I had about ten minutes before bed last night to get anything down.

As I’ve mentioned like, a billion times already, this is my first real foray into horror. I write dark/urban fantasy as a rule, so yucky, scary things happen all the time, but… it’s weird that without the romance/action piece that’s my comfort zone, I’m having such a problem getting the gorey/scary out. Of course, it’s NaNo, so you’re sort of encouraged just to write things like, “The creature went BOO! and the guy went OMG!” Which I’ve sort of done. And there’s a lot of completely unnecessary swearing. And stupid pop culture references, some of which people under 35 would have NO CLUE about. But hey, that’s the joy of NaNo, right? Let your inner word slut go wild with whatever nonsense comes to mind.

Maybe some catch up tonight or tomorrow, depending on if I take another project or not. I’m trying to get ready for the holidays AND save up for My Precious (the Kindle Fire).

So ANYhoo…

Day Two:


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