NaNoWriMo DAY FIVE (late again!)

Published November 6, 2011 by The Author

I actually didn’t do much online — or on the computer — at all yesterday. It was the first real computer day off I’ve taken in a while. I watched movies, mostly, and started watching Game of Thrones. It’s okay, but I think I like the books better.

Anyway, my problem is that I did a ton of writing — working on the outline sheets, finishing up the character portfolios I always fill out for stories. Now, I think that should count — it’s related to the novel, and it’s a TON of writing. I don’t know exactly how many words, because sorry, but I’m not sitting down and writing every longhand word I wrote. It’s at least 2000. But then, it’s not text within the story, so on that front I’m not sure whether it should count.

But guess what? I’m giving myself credit — NaNo encourages you to count every word you write during November, even nonsense words, as long as you make the target. And these were NOT nonsense words, they’re helping me move forward with the story. SO.

Yesterday’s count –



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