Happy Thanksgiving!

Published November 26, 2011 by The Author

And I won’t even get into a snide aside about Native Americans and European mass murder or landstealing or ANYTHING!

Be glad you're not a Native American. And if you are, you have my apologies.

Oh, I kind of did it there, didn’t I? Oh well.

I confess, my health has really crashed as of late, both physical and psychological. Things are crazy around my house on top of that, and on top of THAT, I’m finding the work for the newspaper to be really challenging and much more time consuming than I expected. I suppose that’s a fair trade off, considering how much more it pays than the work I’ve been doing. The extra work would be why! It’s also tough to interview people during the holiday season — they’re all busy too, and it’s hard to pin them down! So I’m constantly asking for extensions that I’m sure my editor is getting sick of.

Unfortunately, with all the chaos, I pretty much… no, I DID give up on NaNo. I just couldn’t pull off the daily target, and once I started slipping from the target, there was no way for me to catch up. I was never in love with the novel premise to begin with, so that didn’t help. I’m going through one of those fallow periods where I guess I just don’t feel like writing at all. I just want to chill out and watch holiday specials on TV or online. I’ll have to be prepared for the fact that I’ll be broke after the holidays for a bit until my productivity picks up again.

One of the new things I’ll be taking on after the first of the year is tutoring a young person with Cerbral Palsy in writing. We met the other day, and she is just the most awesome, beautiful, cool chick, but she’s gotten royally screwed by the education system! (I know, those of you who are teachers understand how this song goes — the system just isn’t set up to help special kids flourish at their highest potential, you know?) She needs help getting through the freshman English classes so she can move on to other stuff she needs for her degree. She has no problem with math, but she’s lacking the basic skills she needs for English. And it doesn’t sound like her college English professors so far have really been willing to help her out. So voila — tutor, which would be me. I’m really looking forward to working with her. Just in our single meeting it was clear that she’s got the intellectual capability and the drive to learn what she needs to learn, she just needs guidance and feedback to get there! So while I’ll be making extra money doing that, I’ll also be helping someone else, which makes me feel good.

Anyhoo… I’m off to try and get some writing done (I’m so far behind on the blog posts I wanted to write for Yeepet.com this month, and I’m going to see if I can take on a few copywriting jobs for a few bucks each) and watch some holiday specials online.

Hope everybody had a good holiday, and continues to enjoy the season. Oh, hey, leave your pepper spray at home when you get in bloody fights for cheap crap merchandise that neither you nor anyone else in your family needs, okay?

2 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Life got in the way of my NaNo this year as well, but I am glad to have a good chunk of words cranked out in November that I can tinker with and contort into a novel when the time is right. I look at it as – NaNoWriMo serves a different purpose for me rather than a full 50,000 words. I hope you blog about your joys, progress, and victories as you tutor the young lady with CP – what an incredible opportunity for both of you! That is awesome. The gift of time and support you will be giving her is the best gift I can imagine this holiday season!

  • It’s definitely nice to have manuscripts sitting around, so when I do want to dig in and get working on a novel, I have a solid foundation to build on. I still have a complete NaNo novel from a few years ago that I would LOVE to complete and try to publish. It’s a story I really adored and would like to flesh out more completely so I can share it!

    I have to say, I’m really looking forward to working with this young lady (I have to think of a name to use for her! Something cool, because she is a really cool chick.) on so many levels. I’m not trained as an educator in any way, but really what her Occupational Therapist wants from me is to help her understand working written language as opposed to academic treatment of writing, which will serve her better in the long run, I think. I also look forward to sharing my love of writing with her. Not everyone falls in love with it, but I think based on how much she loves to read that she’s a ripe candidate to become a writing junkie once she gets past her current issues with written expression! That’s always what I’ve wanted to do to augment my own writing — share the love of writing with others.

    I will definitely share my adventures as much as I am able while still protecting the privacy of her and her family!

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