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Published July 10, 2012 by The Author

I have reappeared from the beyond like the great sorceress I am. Actually, I’ve been here the entire time, but I haven’t been blogging… obviously. The work I’ve been doing hasn’t really been the kind of stuff I can promote, so I keep either getting too busy or forgetting.

And when I’m not doing the piece work, I’ve gotten completely addicted to Netflix, which as any creative person knows, is a productivity killer. Or at least, any TV junkie creative person knows… I’ve been catching up on shows and movies I’ve missed since I got rid of cable and stopped going to the movies, discovering new shows I’ve missed since I got rid of cable and haven’t been plugged into fandom, etc. Thousands of worlds to get lost in… of varied quality, but still. For instance (I can’t believe I’m going to admit this in public) I watched the entire Charmed series. It was… er… not the worst thing I’ve ever seen on television.

Having had a crush on Captain Jack Harkness since his run on new Doctor Who Series 1 (the only one I’d watched up to that point since “My First Doctor,” who was #4, the awesome Tom Baker, who I ADORED as a kid), I watched Torchwood through the end of Children of Earth, and… well that’s a rant for another time. But that led me into Watching more New Who, and now I love Nine AND Ten… haven’t met Eleven yet. Loved all the companions — so glad I’m not in fandom and don’t have all that venom influencing my enjoyment of the shows. The negative parts of my time in Buffy fandom definitely taught me some valuable lessons! (Not to mention the positive stuff, which greatly outweighs the negative… but I’m babbling.)

I’m very off topic, here! LOL Although I think perhaps the trick to getting myself to blog every day is to talk about whatever I like, not just the “Writing Life.” Because honestly, isn’t it just “The Writing Life?” My writing isn’t separate from everything else in my life — the two inform one another. Neither would exist without the other. So why shouldn’t I talk about TV or my cats or the latest book I’m reading (another thing that has been falling by the wayside during my TV bender).

After all, I can directly trace learning to write fiction to my days in Buffy fandom as a lowly fanfic writer — which apparently isn’t taboo to talk about anymore since that lady has made forty billion dollars off of TWILIGHT FANFIC. I can’t tell you how much THAT annoys me. And starting work on a new novel is actually directly tied to some of the stuff I’ve been watching on Netflix. Bits and Pieces of stories from different shows and movies thrown into a creative blender. I haven’t had much luck finishing any fiction in the past couple of years, so I’m trying not to talk about it and jinx it too much.

So no promises! About anything! Hope you all are well… feel free to share any adventures you might be having!

Nine says: FANTASTIC!

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