Allons-Y! Two Days in a Row!

Published July 11, 2012 by The Author

In Who News: I met Eleven last night. I don’t really know him yet, so I can’t judge, but I ALREADY MISS TEN. *SOB* What is wrong with the writers on both Who and Torchwood that they want to make me cry constantly? Seriously, I’d say at least 7 out of 10 episodes turn me into a saltwater mess! OH TEN! *SOB* Oh hell, I still miss Nine, for that matter, but I knew Ten longer, and he was so silly with his babbling. I don’t know if Eleven will be able to achieve the same degree of gravitas that Nine and Ten did — yes, they were funny and exciting, but there was such a deep sadness about them. Eleven looks about… well, eleven years old. I don’t know how that boyish face is going to be able to show that depth of sorrow and loss. I swear, this show leaves me with more questions than it ever really answers.

Still haven’t watched Series 5 of Torchwood. I said yesterday that was a rant for another time, and I’m still not going to go into detail here, but suffice it to say that Captain Jack was my absolute favorite character in this ‘verse, and at the end of Children of Earth… he wasn’t anymore. Seriously. I wasn’t left feeling sorry for him or any smidge of compassion, I really hated him. I considered him a total coward. Don’t shovel that “he had no choice” crap on me, either. Maybe that’s true (and I don’t think it is), but that he just walked away after butchering his grandson and the death all around him struck me as the ultimate act of cowardice — something he once told the Doctor he wished he could be again. Meaning traveling with the Doctor taught him courage. Where was that courage at the end of Children of Earth? A brave person would have stuck around to clean up the mess, physical and emotional. Instead, he runs away. It made me (fictionally) sick, and I haven’t bothered to move on with the series because with pretty much all the other beloved (to me, anyway) characters gone, what’s the point? Jack can rot in space until he’s the Face of Boe, for all I care.

Ehem. LOL. I got all Who-ey/Torchwood-y on you. I spent all morning writing a piece on plastic surgery addiction — I really need a Geek Break. Ooh! That’s what I can call these babbles — Geek Breaks!

Other things I’ve been watching — Merlin. I had seen Series 1 and most of 2 soon after they came out. Now I’m just about at the end of Series 3. I’m enjoying it, but I have to say, there have been changes that really don’t work for the show or for me. Morgana’s horrible one-dimensional mustache twirler of a villainess is just… blech.Really. I mean, if they were going to go that direction, they needed an actress who could carry it off. Ms. McGrath is lovely and elegant, and I really liked her as Good Morgana, but now I roll my eyes when she SMIRKS every two seconds and NOBODY NOTICES BUT MERLIN. I keep expecting her to wring her hands Evilly and break out in MWHAHAHAHAHA! any second. She even has the old Evil Eyeliner of Evil! You know, when a good character suddenly goes bad, the makeup department has to signal that by increasing their eyeliner 200%. That’s male or female. Uh… what else bugs me besides Ebil Morgana who-doesn’t-just-frickin-kill-the-king-and-get-it-over-with? Miss the Dragon, of course. Oh! Actually, frickin UTHER is getting on my last good nerve (not Anthony Head. I love you, Anthony. You’ll always be Giles to me. And I can’t get that picture of you as Frankenfurter out of my head either.) OM TV GODDESS could you be more of a tyrant? Seriously. The frickin town should just rise up and burn HIM at the stake. It’s ridiculous at this point. Of course, I’m well aware that there were times in our history when things were WAY worse in reality than they are in Camelot, but Uther is practically running around with his arms flailing going “You’re a SORCERER! YOU WILL PAY WITH YOUR LIFE! BURN HIM/HER!” over and over again.

Heh. He’s like a medieval Dalek. *Dalek voice* “Burn the Sorcerer. Burn the Sorcerer. Burn the Sorcerer.”

I know Uther has to die at some point, but I hope they get rid of freaking Mwahahaha Ebil Morgana at the same time. Oh, and get some more of that Hoyay back between Arthur and Merlin. Arthur can do it with Gwen… or anybody else really… too, but I miss all that eye screwing between Arthur and Merlin. And where is Lancelot? He’s hot.

So. Watching Merlin. Watched Black Books all the way through again, now looking at a few British half-hour comedies I’ve never watched before.

End Fandom Babbling. Probably. LOL

In novel news, I did some basic summarizing yesterday. I’ve just been pantsing (that is, writing without an outline), but I’m quickly learning why I don’t usually do that. I’ve run into a place where I have no idea what happens next, and I really don’t want this story to crash and burn like so many others have in the past couple of years. So while I haven’t really outlined it fully yet (due to still not knowing where it’s going on the ground level of scene by scene), I do finally have a general direction and an ending. Developing the characters further will help too.

Well see how it goes!


You heard Ten! Get to it!



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