Well, we have learned a Very Important Lesson!

Published July 17, 2012 by The Author

The minute I start bragging about posting more than one day in a row, I immediately stop posting for an extended period of time. Okay, this time, it’s only been a few days, but still. It’s a break in a routine I’m trying to establish!

In writing news: One word, and that word is LAZY. I’ve only been taking small jobs every day or two. I’ll have a nice chunk of change at the end of the month, so I’m not feeling too badly about not really having the freelance spark. I think maybe it’s the heat… or maybe that I’ve been very very BAD about getting to bed on time. I had been on a nice schedule of to bed at 10 pm, read until midnight or so, then get up around 8 or 9 at the latest. Lately, though… I haven’t been meditating or reading, instead I’ve been watching Netflix in bed for hours! This is why they tell you not to have a screen in your room if you want to get a good night’s sleep — it’s almost impossible to turn it off when I get all wrapped up in a show!

Which makes me start to think… I should really be seeking out jobs writing about TV, don’t you think? I’m putting that on my To Do list.

ANYhoo… Writing. So the freelance work has been on slow mode, which is a kind of vacation, I suppose. Unless I’m going somewhere and doing something (fun or not), I don’t see any reason not to be working on an article or some other freelance work. Especially if I’m just sitting in The Comfy Chair, watching TV. Whatever certain members of my family may thing *ehem*my mother*ehem* this is still work, and even if it’s not great money, it’s still 100% more than the NOTHING I had been making for a long time.

I haven’t worked on the novel in a couple of days. I planned to spend Saturday on finishing the outline, but I ran into a pile of security problems with various accounts, so I spent half the day re-setting passwords and security settings. Pain in the butt. I know hackers just do stuff for shits and giggles, but… go bother somebody else. Especially if you’re looking for money, because guess what? I got NONE.

So I want to get my current article done and get back to that.I’m at that point in the process where the middle is feeling weak, and the conflict is sort of flimsy, and the worst — I’m not at all sure about my leads. I need to be in love with my leads and their love story, be really into the stuff they have to go through to earn their HEA (Happily Ever After for those not privy to the parlance of the genre) in order  to write a decent story, and I’m not really feeling this yet for some reason. This has usually been where I’ve dumped projects in the past few years, leading to the absolutely nothing that I’ve finished. I really need to stick to this one, and see it through to the end, even if what comes out isn’t publishable! So today after I finish this article on internet speed (Whee!) I’m going to get back to that… Operation Fang & Flutter. That’s not really the title, that’s just the label because it’s SO DUMB. And ultimately doesn’t make any sense. LOL.

I just realized as I was working on my new website design the other day (the main one right now is at http://hafowler.host56.com, and I’m planning on moving the whole thing to my domain at http://www.bloodthirstymuses.net) and I realized that a few of my stories are out of print. One because the publisher closed (totally not my fault, I swear!) and the other because something happened to the contract long ago and the publisher and I haven’t touched base to talk about fixing it. This leaves me with a dilemna — do I try to sell the out of print stories (both are pretty short erotic paranormals), or do I post them on my site for free as a little gift for visitors? Should I maybe post one and try and get in touch with the original publisher of the other?

Thinky Thinky. Remind me to update you on Geeky Things tomorrow when I have the day off.

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