And on this day of completely no rest…

Published July 19, 2012 by The Author

I told myself I was taking today off. Tomorrow too. But wouldn’t you know, that’s just not happening. I took two freelance jobs for the weekend, one due Saturday and one Monday, the latter of which is going to require some interviewing. DUMBASS!

On the plus side, I’m really plowing through this novella/possible novel that just… came out of nowhere the other day. One of my publishers and I started chatting about working together again (Plug: Freya’s Bower!), the theme of one of their lines really inspired me. Remember when I was pondering whether to contact a publisher about my out of print story? Well, this is the one, and we’re going to sign a new contract so it can become available again. It’s a pair of hot erotic paranormal shorts that I really liked called Sword of Regret. I’m going to do my best to keep the fiction rhythm going and get back to my true love!

In Fandom News: Speaking of True Love — oh, Sherlock, I love you. The new BBC Sherlock series is just… freaking sublime, and I adore that genius. I love his partnership with Watson (and surprisingly, have no real urge to slash them! Partly because I just adore the idea of these two sort of broken men just being… together without a romantic or sexual leaning, and partly because DUDES how much do I love The Woman and her whole twisted thing with Sherlock? A LOT, that’s how much. Like ALL of the loving. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out this series yet, run, do NOT walk, to Netflix… and somewhere where you can get Series two to be thoroughly bamboozled. I swear, I can’t get the ending to the episode with The Woman out of my head. Love, love love. Frickin brilliant, the whole episode. And that’s in a series full of them.

Finished all of Who… and I’m starting again. Guess what? I ended up falling in love with Eleven as much as Ten, and only slightly less than Nine. Matt Smith is genius at being strong and vulnerable, even with that baby face. I loved Amelia Pond, loved Rory. Loved River Song for The Doctor’s sake, I guess… but I didn’t really love that whole storyline. I realize it was a great way to illustrate just how bizarrely The Doctor’s life flows, but it was just too disjointed to become a full-fledged love story that I could believe in. Although I do run around now all the time going, “Hello, Sweetie,” in a terrible English accent. My cats think I’m crazy. But mostly they only need me for my thumbs, so my sanity isn’t really an issue.

I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say I’m a Whovian, but I’m definitely on board for more!

Aaaaand… I gave in to watch Torchwood “Miracle Day.” I’m not sure how I felt about it. I had to watch the whole thing, of course, because I can’t bear to not know how a story ends unless it SUUUUCKS. It just wasn’t Torchwood, imo. It was too American, for one thing. Mikhai and the rest of the cast did a fine job, but… I miss Cardiff. I miss Ianto and Owen and Toshiko. I’m still completely neutral on Rhys. Anwen is a baby, so… you know… baby. *shrug* Unless it’s a magick or alien or robot baby, it’s not very interesting on Torchwood. I really enjoyed the overall story of Miracle Day, and making it pivot around Jack and his love affair with Angelo went a long way toward healing my complete hatred and resentment of my formerly favorite character after Children of Earth. I still think that what he did at the end of that should have crushed him forever, but I guess that wouldn’t really work if he was going to carry the new season. At least they mentioned it and showed that it had caused him some kind of pain and regret. And… okay, Barrowman is hot and wonderful and I’m shallow, so even though I don’t adore him like I did before, I’m still his Geek Girl Slave.

Embarrassing Confession? I bought his Greatest Hits album. I mean… he has a lovely stage voice, and it’s not terrible, just… more nightclubby than I have anywhere else on my playlist. But I don’t CARE he’s so adorable in real life.

Um… what else? Finished Merlin, and very pleased. Although SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE END OF SERIES FOUR…

Why oh why did Morgana have to survive? AND at the hand of the sweetie white dragon to boot? Boo. Okay, I knew she had to stick around… wait, no I didn’t, because this series screws with the mythology all the time. Why not dump the silly mustache-twirling villain who is basically doing all of this because she’s throwing a tantrum? That’s…. not great motivation for an effective antagonist, imo. “I’m going to kill you all and take over the universe because… THAT’S MY CHAIR AND EVERYBODY IS MEEEN TO ME!” Bleurgh. Although to their credit? They made me cry when Uther died, and I HATED Uther. That might have been the way it was written, or props to Anthony Head and Bradley James on that one. And as much as Morgana’s absolutely stupid and unbelievable MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA was completely nutty-making, Agravaine was FOUR MILLION BILLION TIMES WORSE. I mean, okay, we need a mole in the palace in order to keep Morgana’s stupid storyline going, but… ugh. HIS mustache twirling, MWHAHAHAHAHAAAA, SMIRK AT EVERYTHING with nobody noticing was so much more distracting than Morgana’s. And his continued obvious evil behavior, reported to Arthur by, I don’t know, EVERYONE, made Arthur look really stupid by extension. Many, many flaws. Still love it, though, go figure. Gwen and Arthur are sweet, and I was glad to see them marry at the end of the season. Queen Chambermaid! You go, girl. She’s so lovely… a good match to his VERY VERY PRETTY. I’m ready to bear more Morgana blech next season to see where it goes.

Still miss Lancelot. *sigh*

Tried a bit of Walking Dead finally, and… okay. I’m not a big zombie person as a rule, let’s note that up front. I like Shaun of the Dead style zombies — funny. I’m not my mother, who’s had nightmares since she saw Night of the Living Dead when it first came out, they don’t scare me. They kind of gross me out in an amusing kind of way, I guess, but I’m not a huge fan of the genre as a rule. So Walking Dead didn’t really didn’t interest me despite the raves. But I was bored, and there’s some episodes were on Netflix, so… I did the first episode and a half.

What a bizarre experience. I was completely disturbed, grossed out, and broken hearted all at once as far as the story went. But the cinematography is just… unbelievable. Seriously, I don’t think there’s been anything quite like it in television. It’s visceral and absolutely graphic without being gratuitously gory like a lot of horror nowadays. Now I can’t say that I’ll keep on with it, because it’s sort of bleak, and I don’t really go for bleak and hopeless in my entertainment — I like to escape that, thank you. You know everybody’s going to die, probably including the leads, I don’t know, so what’s the point in investing in the characters? Finally, and this may shock those of you who know what a horror fan I am — some of it just really was too much for me. The butchering of the horse, the chopping up of the zombie in the warehouse… yeah, I kind of stopped there. So beautifully shot, and… I pretty much almost lost my lunch. Or late night snack, rather. Don’t know, we’ll see.

Okay, back to writing. And… watching more Sherlock. THERE’S ONLY ONE AND A HALF LEFT. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO? IT’S LIKE CRACK!

Oh, Sherlock, I love you so.

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