I’m a good girl! Erm…

Published July 20, 2012 by The Author

At least as far as work goes. ๐Ÿ˜€ I ended up staying up until OMG in the morning due to having sudden flashes of things I needed to add into the sketch of the new novel. NEEDED. They were just too important. Of course, it was the night before a morning that I REALLY couldn’t sleep in. At all. My family is away, so the responsibility of watering the garden fell to me, so there was that. Fed the cats, who have been polite enough (or who know me well enough to know nothing short of THE SKY FALLING OR THE HOUSE ON FIRE will get me up) to allow me to sleep past their usual breakfast hour of 4 am. Wrastled said cats, since they are deeply offended they’re not allowed outside while I water aforementioned garden. Elsie sits by the back door and howls the whole time I’m outside. Mama sits quietly and plots. I haven’t figured out if she’s plotting my grisly death or just her escape.

So. Garden watered, cats fed. Breakfast, which for me is fairly simple — coffee and a vitamin shake. Usually there’s a hard-boiled egg involved, but since I ate like a starving pig last night, I was still full this morning. No egg. Sat down and wrote the draft of one article about celebrity addiction. Still working on it, since it’s twice as long as it needs to be. Argh. That’s due tomorrow.

Signed the new contract for SWORD OF REGRET — I’ll let everyone know when it’s available. I have to start thinking of promotion shortly. One of my weaknesses. Made a couple of phone calls to get quotes for my wedding article due on Monday. Got in touch with one source, who was very helpful, but still waiting for a response to the message I left for the second. They close in a few hours, so I might give it one more shot before their closing time at 7 pm. Otherwise, I’m going to have to go with only one of the two angles I was shooting for. BUT once that’s done, I can really focus on the novel again.

All this while managing not to get too distracted by other things I really want to do, like scour the archives of the new Freya’s Bower Author list I just re-joined. I’m a crap marketer, and I really need to learn to do that. When I was first published in fiction, there wasn’t the same kind of blog community as there is now. I need to cultivate relationships with some review sites and blogs that will let me guest post. Since I don’t Tweet on a regular basis, or spend any time on Facebook anymore, I need to learn to use those things effectively as well. Same with Goodreads and LinkedIn, etc. I mean, I know if I poke my old friends/readers, they’ll be on board, but I think all of them who were going to read SWORD OF REGRET already have. So how does one who doesn’t have a PR machine behind them sell their stuff? Which could lead into a long, babbly discussion about where the vampire genre may or may not be going post-Twilight. (Which I will resist talking about at all. Ehem.) I may write a post at some point later about the vampire genre thing, however. I think it’s something old school vampire writers and non-Twilight fan vampire writers are going to have to think seriously about.

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