OMG, are YOU here again?

Published July 24, 2012 by The Author

Actually, I’m really glad you are here, if anybody is. Hi!

In freelancing news, I got the piece I needed to get done finished well within the deadline. It should probably have taken an hour or two, max, but I was so not into it, it took me two days. It happens. As long as the customer gets it when they need it, and it’s up to snuff quality-wise, that’s just the way it goes. Energy ebbs and flows, and that’s something I’ve had to get used to. While I was feeling quasi-productive today, I finished one of two pieces due day after tomorrow, and two mini-pieces (less than a hundred words) that were addendums to pieces I wrote for this customer before. There are still a bunch of those I need to do, but I haven’t officially accepted them, so the deadline clock hasn’t started. I’ll do a few more tomorrow, then the next, and the next. The tiny ones are harder than you think — especially for someone like me who tends to be… er… a little verbose.

Anyhoo, so work is done for the day. I’m watching an old Who movie (my FIRST DOCTOR, Four) on my Kindle while I write this, and debating what I should work on next with the novel: character sketches, a more complete outline, or keep on with the writing itself. I’ve been enjoying the latter, but you know how I feel about middles — if I get stuck, this baby may be doomed. So while I’m on a roll with the beginning sections of the story, there are some middle scenes I don’t have a real vision for. I need to at least have a skeleton for those to work from, of they end up being SUCKING BLACK HOLES of no plot. I tend to fall into those, and the novel dies. It’s all very sad, and I need to try and head it off. I really want to finish this book.

Sorry, had to take a break there and do some revisions on a piece. Not that you even noticed I was gone! *sniffle* Ah, the virtual life, so lonely and fickle. Yet still I love it so! Huh. It’s like a man that way. What a sad testament to my state of mind that I even thought that thought. LOL

Okay, I’m off to loaf and novel for a while. That sounds like a meal, or maybe a kinky sex position, doesn’t it? Night!

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