Beware: CAT VIDEO BELOW (then the post)

Published July 25, 2012 by The Author

Those of you who’ve been around a while know I’m a loud and proud crazy cat lady. Before I even sit down to work in the morning, I read the cat blogs I subscribe to — it’s like my newspaper, and so much more pleasant. Anyway, one of my favorites, Your Daily Cute, delivers an adorable video and story to my mailbox every day, but this one just COMPLETELY BROKE MY AWWWWWWW BUTTON:


Which, okay, given, doesn’t seem like such a big job lately. But GREAT DANE! TINY KITTEN! NAMED MOGWAI!

Okay, I’ll stop.


I finished two more of those freelance mini-pieces this morning. I think I have four or five more, but I can’t start them today, because tomorrow is Appointment Day and I don’t take assignments due on Appointment Day. (A lot of health issues = a lot of doctors and other health professionals = a lot of appointments. I try to cram as many into a single day as I can, and get any bloodwork I need done besides.) Now I’m working on a Full Sized article also due tomorrow, that I’d like to get finished and submitted today.

That being said, I keep turning to my notebook to work on the novel. I can’t help it. When I’m not focusing on the freelance article, or when I’m done writing for the day, scenes are playing out in my head. I may be insane, or this may be common among the crazies who are also writers, but does anybody else talk to themselves, working out dialogue? I find that’s a good way to find characters’ voices, map the scene… and it’s fun. Do any other fiction writers out there do that?


I heard from the lovely Marci Baun, owner and editor in chief over at my publisher Freya’s Bower, and she informs me that SWORD OF REGRET will be ready to post back up on the website next week. Yay! I’ll do some pimping and maybe a giveaway when it’s up — then we can get some chit-chat about sexy vampires going, because that’s my FAVORITE. Unless it includes anyone named Cullen, and then you just have to go away. I’m very sorry. It’s the law.


Well, it’s slacking time, boys and girls! Have a good night!


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