OMG! It’s a promo for something I wrote… then other stuff.

Published July 26, 2012 by The Author

It’s rare these days when my freelance work actually gets published online under my own byline. Most of it is copywriting, web content, or blog posts for other companies who use the writings under their own name — that’s the nature of the business. I don’t mind. I like the work, I like the money, and I don’t really need accolades from the world at large about how awesome my tagline for THE AWESOME PRODUCT X is.

BUT I do still write for my local paper, and that goes under my own name. In this month’s women’s lifestyle magazine, Jill, I’ve got a piece that has interest for more than just women:

She clearly needs to read my article.

The Wide World of Stress Relief: Keeping a Journal, and the Four A’s.

And no, the four A’s are not a collection of curse words to use when you’re stressed out. (Are there four curse words that start with A?) It’s actually a very interesting program created by The Mayo Clinic for helping deal with stressful situations. They’re pretty effective if you can remember to use them before, say, getting into a road rage argument with the guy who almost rear-ended you at a stoplight, then called you a bitch. Not that I would know anything about that, no sir.


Taking the day off from work today. One of my appointments actually had to be rescheduled this afternoon, but I’m still going to make the other one, and cover a few other errands while I’m in town. I live sort of in the boonies — we do have a couple of gas stations, a grocery store, a nice restaurant and a few other businesses, but you end up paying a premium for everything since we’re right off the exit of a major highway. We’re about 15 minutes on that highway from the nearest “major” city (which is a major joke. It’s a teeny weeny city with more restaurants, places to shop, a movie theater and two colleges and that’s about it.) where all the affordable shopping and doctors, etc. are. It’s partly laziness and partly trying to conserve gas that I try to schedule everything I need to do “in town” into one or two days a week. Which means even when I don’t feel like leaving my novel baby (like today), I AM FORCED TO. WAAAAH.

No, I shouldn’t complain. The appointment I have this afternoon is with someone who has pretty much become one of my best friends over the past few years. And I do need to swing by the bank (to buy the aforementioned gas) and pick up my prescriptions. Hey, maybe I can treat myself to a shiny new 5 subject notebook! The problem with that is that I adore Five Star notebooks… and pretty much only Five Star. Those puppies run $9 a piece. I’m almost out of my beloved Pilot G2 pens, too, and they’re also expensive. Champagne writing taste!

Geek Break: You know what I’ve been coveting and resisting with all my might? A pen that looks like the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. (If it was Ten’s, there would be no resistance, but the only pen they make of Ten’s sonic screwdriver isn’t refillable. And I’m just not geek enough to spend $25 on a pen I can’t refill.) The Eleven one is refillable… but it’s also THIRTY bucks. Thirty bucks. For a pen not made of gold or with my initials etched in it or guaranteed to last a thousand years (since it’s not a REAL sonic screwdriver, which there isn’t any such thing in the first place.) or if clicked produces the doctor of my choice in my bedroom. Plus, I can’t test the feel of it in my hand. Maybe it wouldn’t fit, or it isn’t ideal for the hours of longhand my rickety old hands still like to produce. Spending thirty bucks for a pen that I can’t use is just NOT ON.

OMG RANDOM COINCIDENCE! Eleven is on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly. SQUEEEEE! I honestly do not understand why so many fans complain about this Sweetie Pie. I think Matt Smith is a really unique and adorable and sad puppy but still silly version of the doctor.

Well, I think I may officially be a Whovian now, because I totally just squeed over a Who cover! I think the only things fandom-wise that have gotten me so hyped post-Buffy are True Blood and American Horror Story. I’m watching NuWho all the way through again and loving it just as much… although I confess that it’s not making me cry as much this time around. Maybe because I already know what’s coming. It’s still emotional, but there was a lot of it the first time I watched it that just turned me into a mushy mess.

Anyway, I’m seriously considering a bumper sticker that says “My other car is a TARDIS,” so… geek.

Ugh, WordPress, why do you vex me and center one pic but not the other? OBEY ME! Ah, there we go. See, sometimes virtual shouting at inanimate objects does work.


SO annoyed, As I say, we live in the sticks, so our choices in internet providers are… oh NONE. The single cable company that enslaves our small town, or go back to dial up. Which AIN’T gonna happen. Right now, we have the BARE minimum Cable TV you can have and still get Internet Access, which bandwith has shrunk and shrunk and SHRUNK over the years until now we’re getting a max of about 10 MPBS. Which is only a bare step up from freaking dialup, if you ask me. Since we’ve had Netflix, if someone is watching a movie and someone else (me) is either watching another movie or doing something else online, the internet CRASHES every 20 freaking minutes. Just cuts out. We have to unplug the router and reset it, reset whatever we were doing, and do it all again the next time it happens.

I don’t just fool around or watch movies on the internet — I DEPEND on it for WORK. It’s ridiculous that we’re spending like, $40 something a month for a service that DOESN’T FREAKING WORK PROPERLY. So what are our options for fixing this problem? Buy a new dual thingy router, and, of course, upgrade our cable. You all know how THAT goes, they don’t want to tell you all the hidden little costs, and they don’t want to tell you if you need new equipment, if you have to rent it from them or buy your own, or if this will help anything at all. My dad called the company today, and they were LESS THAN USELESS on the matter — it’s Charter Communications, fyi. They are the only game in our town, so we can’t even say “We’re going to go somewhere else if you don’t give us a nice deal.” Or at least the “bargains” they give NEW customers. It’s a freaking nightmare. So it may be I’ll just spend half my working hours running up and down stairs resetting the router if I want to get anything freaking done.

I HATE YOU TECHNOLOGY. (Not really. *caresses technology*)


2 comments on “OMG! It’s a promo for something I wrote… then other stuff.

    • You? Are not kidding, sister. And neither is the lovely and wonderous Dr. Cooper (who I adore). I don’t know, I guess the family is planning to try one of them new fangled Digital Cable packages with “faster” internet and a new modem, but I’m not holding my breath. Alas, the joys of living in a rural area are sometimes outweighed by the lack of modern conveniences!

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