HAP-py Friday!

Published July 28, 2012 by The Author

Good luck to all the athletes in the Olympics! I’m actually more interested this year than I remember being before… not sure why. At least I’m really looking forward to the opening ceremonies… and the swimming… and the fencing…. and the equestrian events… and… okay, a lot of it. Which makes getting our fancy new cable on Monday handy!

Anyway, in honor of my own country’s athletes (although I salute you all!):


So now that you’re all completely blinded (don’t worry, it’s only twice a year that I get patriotic… although I do tend to like sparklies on other occasions, so…be prepared.) on with today’s Babble!


Today I’m annoyed with myself for taking two freelance assignments when I had meant to spend both today and tomorrow on the novel. I just finished a draft of the first one, so I figure I can polish that up and get it in right away. The other one tomorrow shouldn’t take too long either, so if I get it done in the morning I can spend the rest of tomorrow and Sunday on the book instead.

Done! Finished the one article I shouldn’t have taken and submitted it, and now I’m working the outline for my novel. Gotta get some ideas for those middle scenes that comprise the main plot, the building of the romance, and the build up to the final part of the book. So, in other words, the bulk of it. I have so much trouble with middles. When I start, I usually have explosive beginnings and endings clearly in mind, but everything else…. BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. I have dozens of little ideas for moments, but I have to turn them into relevant plot scenes and knit them together.

(Got caught up in work and the opening ceremonies last night — more on that later — so I forgot to post this. Post dated!)

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