Yay, it’s Caturday!

Published July 28, 2012 by The Author

Of course, my girls would say that EVERY day is Caturday, but I try to ignore their insistence that the universe revolves around them and their desires… even if it totally does.

Had a nice evening last night. Even though I had meant to spend it working on the novel, I hung out with my parents and watched the lovely — but freaking interminable — Olympic opening ceremonies instead. As an Anglophile (if you don’t know what that is, you should look it up. It’s good for your vocabulary! And dictionaries are become such a lost art.) I love all things British, so I was interested to see what a usually understated people were going to do to follow up the blinding WOW of Beijing.

I think they did a good job — it had enough flash to say Ahhhhh! And the focus on the development of history was really interesting (although as a sort of Imperialist history buff and Woman of Scottish Descent, I found the lack of Irish, Scottish, and Welsh histories a little annoying. But again — already interminable, and had to keep the feeling more Rah Rah! Than Boo England, so… understandable.). Of course I teared up to see Mohammed Ali, and Sir Paul is always fun. Loved the bit with the Queen and 007 — didn’t the Royal Corgies look like they were having a blast? Although I could totally hear them going “Slow down! Our legs are only three inches long!”

But what really blew me away was the torch lighting. Honestly, other than thinking he’s hot, I couldn’t care less about Beckham (although good on him for helping his home neighborhood of the East End get some badly needed cash to perk things up. It’s always been a struggling blue collar area, from what I understand.), but the older gold-medal rower (who I wouldn’t throw out of bed for eating crackers himself, thank you very much) passing the torch to the young future Olympians, who then took more torches from their elder predecessors, and then… oh, the way they set up that torch. The brass bowl from every country in the world, lit with the Olympic flame, and then rising into a single great fire? Man, that was just physically and symbolically so beautiful. That was well worth it.

Now for the complaint: why are our (the U.S.) uniforms so freaking UGLY? We all have to dress like New England yuppies? (I grew up in CT, so I know of which I speak.) AND in outfits freaking made by slave labor in CHINA? Oh, you suck Ralph Lauren and the U.S. Olympic committee. SUCK. I see all those amazing, original and colorful outfits from so many countries (I’m a freak for the African and Caribbean countries’ uniforms, as well as a few of the middle eastern ones), and we’ve got white skirts/pants and navy blue blazers? BLECH.

Wow! I didn’t mean to go on quite so long about that. But I guess my babble pretty much matches the length of the ceremony, so that’s all right.


I am having a SERIOUS problem concentrating on the freelance piece I’m supposed to be working on today. Which is stupid, because it should be a VERY simple one! My brain is being eaten by wanting to work on the CRIPPLING MIDDLE of my new novel. I’m just going to use the Working Title right now — The Valkyrie and the Vampire, which sounds so much better than “the novel”. ANYWAY. I’ve rocked out the beginning, I have plans for the rocked out ending, and like I said yesterday, I just have to get the middle together. Not knowing where to go next means either I don’t know my characters well enough, or my plot isn’t detailed enough. Plus, I seriously need to develop the antagonist, as he doesn’t currently appear until the very end, and… that’s just dumb.

SO… I really want to read some stuff about plotting act 2 and avoiding sagging middles, but NOoooo. I have to write about why you should use Google Docs. Not that I have anything against Google Docs, I like them very much. But I just don’t care about them today. AND NOW I WANT TO YELL AT THE SWIMMING! Oh, Olympics, I need not your vexing today!


Well, I managed to finish the work. Don’t think it was my best effort, but it got the information across, and most of all it’s DONE. I have to start working on my submissions for the local paper very shortly — like Monday — but that’s Monday, and I’m officially going to put anything but Fiction Fun out of my head for right now. Have a great night, and hopefully I’ll be more interesting tomorrow!

Goals for Tonight:

1. Boost TV&TV’s middle

2. Read a book I purchased about writing better fight scenes (WRITE THE FIGHT RIGHT by Alan Baxter), an area where I feel a little weak.

3. Maybe write a quick erotic story just to sharpen my pR0n claws… so to speak. *G*

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