*Insert Grouchy Title Here* Tech help needed!

Published July 30, 2012 by The Author

Guess what? No sparkly new internet. Charter screwed us over by sending a guy to install all kinds of stuff we didn’t order, like phone service and internet hardware. It’s all very bad. Folks went out and bought a wireless router to see if that would help… but as it turns out, it needs to be plugged in to a digital cable box to really make a difference (I think). So we still have the issue of the Internet crapping out if someone is watching a Netflix movie and using the internet on another machine (like this laptop) at the same time. We had to plug the NEW router into the OLD router to get it connected to the Internet, which is just dumb. The speed is a tiny bit faster, but not fast enough to completely solve our Internet/Netflix issue.

Do any more tech-savvy folks than I know what the problem could be? We have a 15Mbps connection, which checks out when I test the laptop without Netflix. When a Netflix movie is playing upstairs and I’m on the laptop down here in my office, my speed drops to 5Mbps. So for some reason, Netflix is taking up well over half of our bandwidth. Now THAT being said, according to Netflix, a movie should be able to play in standard format with only a few Mbps. So why would the entire internet come crashing down when it appears there’s bandwidth enough for everyone? ESPECIALLY since when we first got Netflix, we didn’t have this problem. WTFF, yo? I can’t keep replacing all of my relatively new hardware!

Help! Is it connections (all seem tight and straight)? Do we have to have more bandwidth? Is it the router? Does it have something to do with the modem? I don’t even know where to start at this point, and I’m so frustrated, I can’t even concentrate on getting anything else done. I’m just going to go watch something amusing and see if I can get my mojo back. *scowls*

Disregard the phallic symbol. It’s Sherlock’s hissy fit we’re after here.

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