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Published August 3, 2012 by The Author

WordPress is kind enough to give you the statistics for your blog here. Things like number of hits, country of origin and the like. My favorite one is the “Search Engine Terms,” which if I understand correctly keeps track of what a visitor put into their search engine that led them to your blog.

Today, some poor lost soul was led here by searching for “great dane graphics free.”

Let’s just set aside the entire “Why the hell would that lead here?” question. Could be something to do with talking about cats all the time, I don’t know. But imagine looking for free pictures of great danes, and getting… this. And not only that, but apparently deciding to look around — which actually, is really good for me. I like visitors!

Anyway, the things I find amusing before I finish my coffee are a little weird. Okay, the things I generally find funny are a little weird.


I’m adding this in a little later between the beginning I wrote this morning, and the next part, also written this morning, because I AM SO EXCITED I’M ALL FANGIRLY!

Diane DeKelb-Rittenhouse is one of my oldest and dearest friends from back in my Buffy fandom days. She is also one of my writing and general life heroines. She was one of the ladies who taught me how to write, and spent great time and energy encouraging me both when I was writing fanfic and when I decided to take the leap to “original” fiction. She has been a tireless cheerleader and a true friend in more ways than I can ever count.

But right NOW what’s important is that she’s an AWESOME storyteller. Seriously. From fairy tales to YA to some seriously hardcore erotica that should make EJ Whatserface of 59 Shades fame ashamed, Diane is a mistress of the written word. She has written some of the hottest scenes I’ve ever read in erotica, and was one of the first writers that broke me out of my smut comfort zone to try a  little non-vanilla reading.

ANYWAY, I could go on and on all day. We’ve been out of touch for a while, but she commented on my post yesterday over on my STRICTLY WRITING AND UPDATES blog (, and I discovered that she has been a VERY BUSY LADY with her publishing career. I just ordered, brand-new, first hand, from BARNES AND NOBLE, no less (I prefer smaller presses as a rule, but Amazon and B&N sometimes force my hand) what looks like an AMAZING book that I can’t wait to read:

Immortal Longings by Diane DeKelb Rittenhouse


Lauren and Kayla are the perfect high school couple–except they aren’t actually a couple. The cute, smart, sarcastic Lauren is secretly in love with her best friend, Kayla, the gorgeous bi-racial lead actress in the drama club. But Kayla, one of the most popular girls at school, changes partners (male and female) like other girls change shoes.

After seeing a play in Manhattan one autumn afternoon, the two 17-year-olds wander into a vintage clothing store, Deja Nous. Their impromptu shopping spree leads to a chance meeting with the mysterious and beautiful owner, Elizabeth Valiant. Despite strange, subtle warnings from Matt, another clerk at the store, both girls agree to take after-school jobs at the enticing shop. On the ride home to Queens, Kayla talks non-stop about the wonderful clothes, the fabulous Elizabeth and how much fun the girls will have working together.

Deja Nous–and the intriguing and sensual Elizabeth–soon becomes an obsession for Lauren and Kayla. Then, after being accosted at the subway by a strange man and overhearing a surprising conversation, Lauren accidentally discovers the secret behind the shop and the Valiant family. As she delves deeper into the mystery, she realizes that her life and that of her beloved Kayla are in danger–life-threatening danger–from a centuries-old curse.

Okay, I’m the first to confess that I’m not a YA fan. I may even be an ANTI-YA fan, considering the current state of the genre, but there are a few authors (strangely, most of whom I know from fandom) that I trust to tell a good story with strong characters, and Diane is one. I can hardly wait to check it out, and I highly recommend any of her work, pro or no!


Already put in four or five pages on TVTV this morning. The problem I’m having with keeping track of my progress is that I’m doing the writing my favorite way — the old fashioned way — longhand. I’ve written all of my published work that way, even though it’s getting rough on my hands these days. And I’ve gone through two four-packs of G2 gel pens just since I started TVTV, and I don’t even think I’m halfway through yet (I never finished an outline — I’m sort of enjoying th organic feel of where the story is going. I just write down scene ideas and emotional and action turning points, and sort of wind my way through them. I suspect this will require desperate hacking apart when the first draft is done.)

I’ve started hanging around at Romance Divas again (a better place to learn about the craft and business of writing you will never find, especially if you’re a romance writer), and it’s inspiring, the camaraderie comforting, and the information indispensable… but I feel kind of left out when it comes to discussing or measuring productivity. It’s a pain in the butt to sit down at the end of the day and count every single hand-written word in my project! I’ve gotten so spoiled by the automatic wordcount feature in Word! And saying “I wrote four college ruled notebook pages!” doesn’t really help, because sometimes I write in huge, loopy script, and sometimes little tiny words that go all the way around the margins of the page, or notes stuck in between lines or words. It all depends on how tired my hands are, or if I felt I had to fit more story in to those spaces. A number of reasons that writing your story on the computer really is better!

My short erotic story, which is getting less short (alas), I’m writing on the computer. I’m slowly getting used to doing a first draft that way, but it’s tough. The story is sort of dragging, too. I’m trying to get to the first sex scene, but the nice Italian dinner the hero cooked is going on FOREVER. I’m like, “OMG JUST SNOG ALREADY!” So I have no doubt this baby is going to have to be murdered when I’m done with the draft as well.

That’s the nature of the game, boys and girls. Never write anything you aren’t willing to delete!


I took a small freelance job today that needs to be done tomorrow morning, and I’m feeling really dumb for doing so. It’s a quicky, only 550 words, but I’m running into that wall again — that resentment at having to write about a topic that’s interesting, but that has nothing to do with the fiction I really want to be working on. Now let me be clear — this resentment is nothing CLOSE to the feeling I used to have when I was chained to a desk in a cubicle 9 hours a day. The job that after years doing it completely ruined my health, both physical and mental (my madness was well earned, thank you very much!). Back then, not only couldn’t I write during the day, I couldn’t do anything I wanted to do during the day, except maybe go to the bathroom — and there were times doing that too often got dirty looks. And the work was absolutely soul-sucking, in a an inhumane environment…

*shudder* Okay, enough details, you get my point. Many of you probably live my point. So having to write 550 words on craft projects seems like a little jaunt in the park by comparison.

Huh. I feel a lot less resentful now. I need a poster of my old work environments to remind me that I’m still sitting in a comfy chair, I can get up and do whatever I want, I can take a break and work on my fiction. I’m not even making 1/3 of what I was back then, but the FREEDOM is so well worth the loss!

Okay, now I’m going to put my nose to the proverbial grindstone, get the “work” done, and get back to the fun!

2 comments on “So… here’s a thinky thought…

  • Smooch! Okay, so, I had nothing to do with the design of the cover, but when you get it, look closely at the necklace. Why, yes, that IS a cat in the center jewel. Of course, it should be a black persian Queen instead of a marmalade tabby Tom, but, hey! I’ll take what I can get. Also? The font? is called Buffied! I was so tickled by that when my editor told me that. I really, really hope that you like the book.

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