Camp NaNo Day 2 (5)! And it’s TOO FREAKING HOT!

Published August 5, 2012 by The Author

Had a ROCKING day writing today! Of course, it was all longhand, so my right hand is about ready to fall off. I think I’m going to have to switch to typing tomorrow, as much as I hate to say it. It also makes for much easier word counting! I took forever to count today’s, and I’d be it’s WAY OFF! Anyhoo:

Word Count Today: 6084

Yeah, baby! Even missing the first few days, I’m on track if I can keep a decent pace for the rest of the month!


My friends, it is TOO DAMN HOT. I slept maybe four hours last night, and that was after taking and Ambien, not wearing my CPAP mask (who wants to breathe HOT, MOIST air when it’s 90 degrees with 100% humidity? Not I!), and throwing every piece of bedding on the floor. AARGH. I know I shouldn’t complain, I do have a window air conditioner that I could put in, but it doesn’t fit correctly, and it nearly DOUBLES the power bill when you use it over night.

If it stays this hot and humid much longer, I might just stop turning on anything else but my computer and my air conditioner (okay, and the fridge) to pay for it. I can’t stand being hot. It used to be nice living up here in the tundra — we had about eight months of winter ranging from mild to North Pole, and a couple of months of mud and construction. Now we seem to have four months of TROPICAL MADNESS, then a couple of months of rain, then a few months where it might get a little cold and maybe kind of snow… don’t tell me there’s no climate change.


You know how you see “Bloodthirsty Muses” all over the place on my blogs and such? Well, you might think it just refers to my love of writing vampire fiction, but it’s actually “deeper” than that. I mean my muses tend to be demanding, vicious, bloodthirsty bitches and bastards who demand to have stories told whether I’m in the middle of two other ones or not. So today, I was forced by two hot werewolves in heat to write a sex scene with absolutely no context whatsoever! Which was fun, but… come on, muses. Hold your horses. Come back when at least one of my current projects are done!

I don’t know what it is with werewolves lately. I blame Joe Manganiello. Have I said that already?



I mean, can you see why? He’s like hot romance novel hero crack! Oh well, whatever it takes to keep me on the keyboard!

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