Sometimes, You Just Need a Squee.

Published August 8, 2012 by The Author

No good, very bad health day today. Blah blah don’t feel good blah. So here are some adorable foxes that made me smile for a second.


I’m particularly amused by the one who seems fascinated with his own foot.

Another one of those days when I have too much actual work to do (I hardly count fiction as “work” because I love it so much at this stage of the writing) and I’m too tired and blechy to want to do it. It makes my Master’s Degree in Procrastination into a PhD by default — it’s now 2:06 pm, and I’ve written exactly half a sentence on one of two articles, and made none of two or three phone calls for another that’s already overdue. Blargh. But we just had to plunk down a couple hundred bucks to fix up my Sweetie (Toyota), and things are lean until I get my monthly pay so… off to work I go. My sexy weres and vamps and warrior women will just have to wait a while. *sigh* Alas.

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