Take me out back and shoot me day…

Published August 10, 2012 by The Author

Oh, that just made me think of Old Yeller for some reason, and now I want to cry. We need a squee!

LOLCat Wants a Nap

I agree.

There, that’s better.

Okay, so you may have noticed I have not babbled in a few days, nor have I posted a word count. That is because, other than my work-work, I have written probably 200 words total, and I can’t be arsed to count them. I am very, very ill. Don’t know if it’s flu, allergies, heat, medicine or chronic illness related or… whatever. But I am so broken, ya’ll. Fever, chills, aches, pains, nausea… we’ll just leave the list of complaints there because you’re not my doctor and you just don’t want to know. I ended up going to bed at like, 9 last night, which is just unheard of. Which was very upsetting, because I got my friend Diane’s awesome YA LGBT Vampire book (so many subgenres, it makes its own subgenre!), Immortal Longings, yesterday, and I was already loving it. I was so exhausted, I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open.

Of course, it’s the kind of illness that wakes you up a dozen times during the night, so I didn’t sleep all the way through, either. I did get a smutty story idea… which is the last thing I need in the middle of TWO projects, but that’s the nature of bloodthirsty muses — they’re HUNGRY. These are hardly even stories — the plot is really just a skeleton to hang the sex on. But if I do it right, they’ll be 13 shorts that add up to a single story that sort of has an over-arcing plot. We’ll see.

Today I have one short freelance piece, and then I’m going to put some substantial fiction work in. I’m actually getting toward the end of Adirondack Shift, when we get into heavy action and away from sex for a bit, and I haven’t touched TVTV in a couple of days — just when I figured out a way out of a scene I was very stuck in. The problem there is, I can’t figure out how to get the heroine and hero in bed! Emotionally, they’re pretty much there, but they’re in such dire straights so much of the time, the moment never seems right to get it on. It’s WAY too far into the book for them not to have gotten it on yet, but their relationship developed very, VERY slowly thanks to both of them turning out to be incredibly damaged (more than I planned in their original character outlines!) There’s got to be a way to turn tragedy and near-death experiences into sex, but I want it to happen organically.

Allow me to point to my Hemingway sign again, and remember that if it sucks now, I can fix it later.

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