Thursday 13 for August 16: 13 Vampires I Have Loved!

Published August 16, 2012 by The Author

Thursday 13: Vampires I Have Loved

This week’s 13 is… 13 Vampires I Have Loved!

I’ve been a vampire maniac since I was about 9 years old, when I snuck a look between the shiny golden covers of Interview With a Vampire (yeah, I actually discovered Bunnicula AFTER Anne Rice). Not long after, I caught an entirely age inappropriate Dracula starring Frank Langella (we didn’t worry so much about that stuff in the 70’s), and I was off to the fangy races. My adoration of creatures of the night has never abated since.

This is a list of my favorite vampires from books, movies, and TV. Some are as portrayed by particular actors, and I’ll give that detail when it applies.

1. Angel
2. Lestat (The books, and Stuart Townsend’s)
3. Dracula (Gerard Butler, and yeah, I did like the movie :P)
4. Dracula (Gary Oldman, who makes any role better, and the movie was better too)
5. Eric Northman
6. Nick Knight
7. Julian Luna (From Kindred: the Embraced)
8. Damon Salvatore
9. Bunnicula!
10. Darla (Angel/Buffy) & Drusilla are pretty much tied
11. Eli (Let the Right One In, Swedish version, if you please!)
12. John Mitchell (Being Human U.K.)
13. Pam Ravenscourt/Swynford De Beaufort (True Blood)

Once again, those are just the ones that come to mind off the top of my head. There are DOZENS of others! And some that I really loved at one time *cough*Spike*cough* who I ended up really disliking because of later characterizations. Actually, Lestat’s characterization has been so all over the place, it might not be fair not to penalize (heh, I’m twelve) him for that as well. Vampires are tricky like that.

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8 comments on “Thursday 13 for August 16: 13 Vampires I Have Loved!

    • Angel has always been my one true TV boyfriend, but I love love LOVED Spike until the end of Buffy when they dulled his edge. Then I loved him AGAIN when he was on Angel. He was a great character!

      Anne Rice did the same kind of unnecessary fiddling with Lestat through the Vampire Chronicles. I HATE when writers mess with the essential core of a character for no good reason!

      *hugs* Thank you for coming by!

    • After Louis, Lestat, and Langella’s Dracula, none of whom I understood AT ALL, Bunnicula was my first vampire. And he’s still one of my favorites, because he’s a vegetarian! 😉

      I recently bought myself a set of the books just to make sure I would always have them on hand.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • My favorite vampire is Daegan from Joey W. Hill’s “Vampire Mistress” and “Vampire Trinity”, though Lyssa from “Vampire Queen” is a close second. Hill writes the best vamps IMHO.

    • I haven’t read those. Awww, you’re gonna make me add MORE books to my TBR, aren’t you? LOL. It’s such a monster (pun intended) now as it is! 😉

      Actually, I should say THANK YOU, because there is SO MUCH vampire crap out there, it’s hard to find anything new to read, so recommendations are always appreciated!

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