Thursday 13 for August 23: 13 Things I Constantly Forget…

Published August 23, 2012 by The Author

Until I saw a reminder over on Romance Divas a minute ago, I completely forgot about the Thursday 13! So, apropos to that, I decided my topic would be 13 Things I Constantly Forget!

Thursday 13 Aug. 23

1. Where the heck my keys are! — I think this one is common.
2. Deadlines – I have to keep a detailed calendar AND a spreadsheet to know what’s what.
3. Which cat’s turn it is to go to the vet.
4. When I need to service my car. — I go more often than I have to sometimes, just in case.
5. When my month-to-month cell phone runs out — Luckily they send me a “friendly” reminder!
6. To call or contact my relatives. — They’re all so far away, and we’re all so busy, it’s easy to let correspondence slide.
7. When to trim the hedges — Don’t be nasty, I mean the literal hedges. 😉
8. TV Shows — Since the advent of the internet, I see or hear about things I really want to see, and then forget all about them. Luckily, I can seek them out on the internet, too!
9. Books — My TBR list is like a self-replicating monster. Goodreads doesn’t even help me keep track of what I want to read anymore.
10. Library Books — Speaking of forgetting books! I’m lucky my librarian loves me so much an usually lets me get away with late returns.
11. My “lifestyle change” — Formerly known as “a diet.” Sorry, when I get around nachos or pizza, I’m like a crackhead, arteries be damned.
12. Laundry — As a single person who works at home, I’m still like a teenager when it comes to clean clothes. Until I run out of them and I’m left wearing my “Frankie Say Relax” tee-shirt and skin tight college yoga pants, I forget all about it.
13. Writing Goals — I’m a complete spaz when it comes to writing goals. I start writing something with a goal in mind, and an evil plot bunny comes, holds me at gun point, and forces me to write it, leaving me with TWO goals. I JUST finished a THIRD evil plot bunny’s first draft and feel a deep sense of relief that it will set me free. But it won’t last… there’s another just around that corner, hiding in the shadows.

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9 comments on “Thursday 13 for August 23: 13 Things I Constantly Forget…

    • I’m usually a half-planner, half-pantser: I write a detailed outline (most of the time), and then completely ignore it. 😉

      With shorter stories, I just pants usually, especially with erotica, ’cause… you know…

      No matter what I’m writing, THE EVIL BLOODTHIRSTY PLOT BUNNIES ARE ALWAYS THERE, PICKING AWAY AT MY BRAIN, REFUSING TO LET ME CONCENTRATE. I suspect it’s a sort of writer’s schizophrenia, actually.

    • Oh, I would be SO LOST without a reminder calendar/alarm in my Kindle Fire! Everything from medication to those dastardly appointments and everything in between would be mist in the the either without that machine screaming at me!

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