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Published September 4, 2012 by The Author

I want to know how some of the authors I admire are so good about juggling the millions of little jobs that a writing career involves every day — including blogging! I’ve been starting blog entries for the past few days, and then never finishing them! I got kind of out of rhythm when I was so focused on the SOOPER SEKRIT KINKY STORY… which I really can’t wait to hear back on one way or the other.

It’s easy with freelance work. I just finished a piece this morning. I’ll do a second editing pass, clean it up, submit it, then wait to get paid. The end. With fiction, I had forgotten how much more there is to it. Not the writing — the writing itself is a greater joy, in spite of the greater work. But all the effort you have to put in to get your name out into the community, to make yourself stand out from all the thousands of other books in your category written by people just as talented. Plus, there are so many FUN things to take part in out there in fiction land: the blog hops, the giveaways, posting on forums, chatting with readers, reading authors’ blogs. It’s a full-time job all in itself!

How do you find that balance? Work, promotions, social life, AND writing? What needs to be sacrificed first? I suppose if you’re lucky enough to make your living at writing fiction… actually, thinking about it, that’s not any simpler. From what I understand, promo is heavily on the shoulders of the author even if they are in the “Big Houses” these days. So you still have to write, do promotion, and do tours, appearances, interviews and everything the rest of us have to do as well, and still balance the rest of life. The bigger authors just make a little more (and I mean a little, for most of them) money than us small fry.


Halloween is coming! Halloween is coming! Samhain is my absolute favorite time and holiday of the year. I actually have a few short story ideas on the fire that I hope to release in celebration.  Can’t wait!

Now, see, the whole day got away from me with all the stuff I had to do, so I never really finished this post. A lot of it was really frustrating technical difficulties. I think I may have lost YEARS of Delicious links! I mean, a very large collection I depended on for research. Ugh.
Anyway, I’m posting this now. Will try to do better tomorrow!


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