Thursday 13 for September 6 – 13 Things I Love About Fall

Published September 6, 2012 by The Author

I’m a born and raised New Englander. Once upon a time, we had four distinct seasons down there — not so much up here in the Adirondacks, although we DID have Autumn. Now it seems like Fall is just the two days where all the leaves die and it rains for several months until it freezes, then it gets icy for a few months (not much actual snow) and then Construction and A/C season comes again. Climate Change? Not a myth, kids.

ANYWAY. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year, and I thought I would pay homage to this beautiful season, even if it only seems to last for a moment these days.

Here are:

13 Things I Love About Fall

Thursday 13 for September 6, 2012

1. Halloween! Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween Halloween! I love everything about it — the candy, the costumes, the decorations, the Pagan celebrations. It’s ALL good!

2. Thanksgiving — Come on, have you seen my figure? Besides, it’s the only time of year I get to eat Green Bean Casserole. The only thing I could do without is all the family bickering and the DAYS of cooking for like, a half an hour of eating.

3. The foliage — I’ve always been lucky to live in beautiful leaf-peeping locations. You can’t imagine the Adirondacks bathed in the colors of changing leaves until you’ve seen them.

4. The TEMPERATURE! — I seriously do not function well during the summer. I know, the light is better, and I love that (so does my depression, yo), but the heat just turns me into a puddle of Adipose goop anyway, so… when it starts getting cool, I actually have more energy!

5. The Start of TV Season! — You may have noticed that I’m a massive TV dork. The idea of all the shows I’ve missed over the summer coming back with brand new stories to tell make me do little dances that would disturb the average non-geek. And probably everybody else as well.

6. Book Releases — Thanks to #1, publishers LOVE to release the biggest and best of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Horror at this time of year. I’m frantically trying to rework my lean budget as I type to prepare. And I keep refreshing my library’s website and hassling the poor librarian as well.

7. Sleeping — Directly related to #4, I sleep like a dead log this time of year. I keep the windows wide open until things start to freeze, and just throw on more blankets until then. I love that.

8. Starting up the Wood Stove — I love sitting in front of the fire writing or reading. The cats also move permanently into the stove room.

9. Nostalgia — Remembering how much I loved to celebrate when I was a kid. Actually, I sort of love to celebrate about the same now, but I’m less likely to dress up as a Rubiks’ Cube or Matt Dillon in the Outsiders. Oh, I’m so old. LOL Actually, if I can find the right outfit, I’m thinking about dressing up as the 11th Dr. Who this year.

10. Walking in the Woods — there’s #3, but there’s also a cross of beautiful and creepy in the woods during the autumn that I just adore. Of course, I have to wear head to toe hot pink and orange so I won’t get shot by the freaking Deliverance jackasses who hunt on the public land behind my house. But still, if they’ve moved on to slaughter somewhere else, I adore that feeling that almost anything could be creeping up on you. Same with cemeteries — fall is the best time for cemeteries.

11. Writing Scary Stories — I’m all full of inspiration to write bloody, scary, smutty (not necessarily at the same time) stuff this time of year. I’m giving my first erotic ghost story a try. Wooooooo.

12. Movie Marathons — Also related to #1. All through the month of October, I break out my… frighteningly extensive horror movie collection, from the original Nosferatu to Cabin in the Woods, and try to scare the crap out of myself a few hours a night. It’s fun. *G*

13. It’s almost Christmas! I love giving people stuff. It’s also another favorite reading and writing season. From September to New Year’s is absolutely my favorite time of the year.

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Sorry this is so late today. I have all this paperwork to fill out for Cobblestone for the SOOPER COMPLETELY-NON-SEKRIT KINKY STORY, and I’m still not done! But I want to keep up with this, at least!

*whisper* If I have time, I might even have my kinky alter ego do her own version. *WG*

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