*whines* I don’t wanna write about sports cars! I want to write about VAMPIRES!

Published September 7, 2012 by The Author

Yeah, I’m throwing a tantrum, so sue me. Every writer with another job does it, even if they don’t do it in public or on their blog… which I guess is redundant, since my blog is public.

So I’m writing this very simple article about a car — it’s only 350 words — and all I can see as I type is “blah blah horsepower blah blah V8 engine blah blah ragtop roof” or whatever. The rest of my brain is going VAMPIRES VAMPIRES! And our poor shapeshifters in Adirondack Shift haven’t seen you in DAYS! Not to mention The Valkyrie & the Vampire! And you have all those short Halloween stories to work on, and all the fun promo to do, and fun fun fun fun fun.

This is why I got through high school by the skin of my booty. I was so BOOOOORED. I wanted to do FUN STUFF. Oh, goddess, I’m still a teenager. Well, that’s okay. At least I’m a writer and I can focus enough to get done what I need to get done. I was, after all, REALLY good at college. So I’ll shut up for a little while and do some WORK. Blech.

He doesn't want to do his work either.

He doesn’t want to do his work either.

Okay, me and the bulldog are done with our work-work today. I wonder what he’s writing? Probably a screed about cats and how mean they are.

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