Welcome to the 18 and Over Giveaway Blog Hop – ADULTS ONLY

Published September 13, 2012 by The Author



Bitten by Paranormal Romance & Gabrielle Bisset 18 & Over Giveaway Hop
Many thanks to Bitten by Paranormal Romance and the amazing Gabrielle Bisset for sponsoring this awesome event!

Before the fun begins, a note about what a “Blog Hop” is for people, like me, who are doing this for the first time. Blog Hop Virgins! The purpose of a Hop is 1. to expose a whole bunch of awesome writers to as many great new readers as possible, and 2. win a ton of awesome free schwag along the way! Once you enter the contest for a blog’s giveaway, you either follow the link at the bottom of the page to the next blog, or follow the link to the complete list at Bitten By Paranormal Romance and choose the next blog that way.

It’s like following a trail of smutty paranormal breadcrumbs. Yum. And you ain’t gonna find Hansel and Gretel along the way… unless they have fangs or sprout fur on the full moon or otherwise go bump in the night.

So with all of that out of the way, on with the party!

For those of you visiting Bloodthirsty Muses for the first time, Welcome! And for my brave and intrepid veterans, welcome back and *BIG SMOOCHES*!

First, the Goodie Bag!:

The Veil by H.A. Fowler* For this stop on the 18 and Over Giveaway Blog Hop, I’ll be giving away a big package — ehem — to one lucky winner:
1. A copy of my novel THE VEIL
2. A copy of my novel THE VEIL II: OTHERWORLD
3. A $10 OmniBucks Gift Certificate for All Romance eBooks so you can pick a third book of your own!

* To Enter For the Goodie Bag (Optional):
* Follow Me! (see the buttons on the right hand side of the blog) Please comment with your Twitter, FB, etc. where you connected.
* In the comments, riddle me this: What is it that draws you to paranormal fiction? (remember to add your email address in your comment so I know where to send your Goodie Bag if you win!)
* Join my mailing list and comment here with the username you used.

Each comment or link counts as an entry for the random Goodie Bag drawing, so the more you participate, the better!


How about a goodie you don’t have to compete for? Like a steamy scene from my WIP, “Adriondack Shift.” This is the story of Were-cougar Liss Pabeck, who returns home to her family’s organic farm in the Adirondack Park of New York when both her mother and sister disappear. Will steaming hot handyman Anevay Waters help her find and save them, or will he turn out to be at least a distraction and at worst the real threat?

“After Breakfast Delight”

Liss took him all the way down in a single thrust, mouth vacuum tight, and Anevay cried out as his tip of his cock hit the back of her throat. As she drew him out again and performed a flickering dance around the head with her tongue, following with firm, slow strokes along the shaft with her wet hand, then did it all again. He grew harder in her mouth, and she let him set a strong pace with his hand in her hair as he fucked her face. Then he shuddered to a sudden halt.

“God, Liss, stop. Stop. I want you. I want to be inside you.”

She barely had a chance to release his cock before he hauled her up by the armpits and plunked her down on the kitchen island. He took her mouth again as he spread her thighs and dipped his fingertips into her cleft with a satisfied grunt to find her already wet and hot for him. He caressed her clit long and slow, a pace that would have made her insane if she weren’t already so close. She clutched at his shoulders to keep from falling over, thrusting against his hand for more friction as reality exploded around her. Then his hand was on her hip, pulling her closer to the edge of the island, and he pressed himself against her still-pulsing center. He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her cleft, and she shattered again, feeling him plunge deep inside her as she came… and kept on coming.

Anevay kissed her gently, slowly, supporting her back with one strong arm as he moved within her, a careful, exacting tempo clearly meant to drive them both wild. He looked deeply into her eyes as he took her slowly, agonizingly slow, and she fell into that bottomless gaze. Each time she tried to increase the pace, he would stop, withdraw almost all the way, and wait until she submitted to his domination before beginning again. Their breath matched in ragged unison, the pace of breathing growing more frantic even as the lovemaking remained perfectly even.

Liss thought she might die if he didn’t go faster, harder. More, she wanted more. She wanted it all. She let him know it in no uncertain terms with her involuntary sounds and body language.

As if he heard her thoughts, he slowed further, leaned in and brushed her lips with a fingertip. “Shhhh. Hold on. Just hold on to me.”

She climaxed anyway, like a rebellion. An orgasm like nothing she’d ever felt before, as if her body had split open and her essence was pouring into the universe — a supernova. She heard herself screaming, felt herself clutching him for dear life, but it was all as if she were outside, far away somewhere, looking in, while her reality melted into nothing but perfect bliss.

“Yes, love, you’re so beautiful,” he murmured, strain beginning to tell in his voice, in the tense tendons of his neck, “Keep coming for me.” He reached between them to stroke her clit, and she obeyed.
Had anyone ever died of orgasms? If they had, she hoped she got to join their ranks.

“Please, Anevay. Please,” she had no idea what she was begging for. For him to stop? To go on? It didn’t matter.

His loss of control grew more obvious. The pace of his thrusts grew more uneven, deeper, faster, the hand on her back taking a bruising grip. “Oh, God, baby.” He leaned his forehead against hers, closing his eyes. “You feel so good. So good. I can’t… oh, God. Liss, once more, please. Come with me.” He thrust frantically, pulling her closer, driving himself home deep and fast. “Come with me!”

He cried out as she slammed herself against him, and the last explosion took them both together.


Phew! Keep an eye out for ADIRONDACK SHIFT for the rest of Liss and Anevay’s story!

Finally, before you go, I know you’ve already posted your “Why I love Paranormals” essay, joined the mailing list and followed all my pages, but here’s a fun poll that I can never resist posting and discussing:

I’m sorry if I left out your favorite vampire — but that’s why I left it open for “Other”. Please vote (only once) and tell me why in the comments below — that counts as an entry for the Goodie Bag! Please note comments are moderated, so watch negative flamey behavior! Limit it to giving your own favorite vampire love!

Don’t forget to follow THIS LINK to Bitten By Paranormal Romance to check out the next bit of grown-up fun on the Over 18 Giveaway Blog Hop. I’ll be announcing the winner of my Goodie Bag on Monday, September 17.

Thanks for stopping by! Pleasant dreams… mwahahahahahahaaha. That sounded more evil in my head.

32 comments on “Welcome to the 18 and Over Giveaway Blog Hop – ADULTS ONLY

    • LOL. Thanks! I hope your blackberry at least enjoyed it! I’m with you on the escapism. I love the endless possibilities of the paranormal as well. And a sexy creature or two never hurt…

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Wow that was some excerpt, glad there is a cool breeze coming in the window to cool me off! Love reading paranormals for the sexy alpha males, can escape into a different world.
    Signed up via email – skpetal at hotmail dot com

    • I’m so glad you liked the excerpt — there’s little I enjoy more in writing than the steamy parts. I’m with you on the Alphas. I love me a big, strong, brute of a male with a smushy heart that only the right romantic interest can touch!

      Thank you for stopping by and entering!

    • Oh, yes, I really have a thing for Alpha males, and vampires and werewolves have always struck me as the most alpha of them all! And the fantasy aspect — that anything is possible — really draws me in as well.

      Thank you so much for dropping by to play!

  • 1. I follow by Facebook- Cassandra Hicks Twitter – @KatraCass & Email- cassandrahicks1989@yahoo.com
    2. What draws me to paranormal is how the author creates a whole new world for me to live in while I’m reading.
    3. My mailing list id is cassandrahicks1989
    4. My favorite was other- The Black Dagger Brotherhood brothers because they are just too sexy for words and each have their own reasons for why I love them.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    • I love the paranormal for so many reasons, but being able to get lost in them is a big one. Imagining awesome creatures and magick existing right in our own seemingly boring world gives it such color, doesn’t it? Not to mention the sexy. *G*

      Thank you so much for stopping by to play!

    • Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it. Trying to finish up the story now so I can get it out there!

      I love the endless possibilities of paranormal stories as well. Immortality, strength and eternal beauty… not to mention the sexy! All such interesting food for entertainment and thought. 😉

      Thank you for stopping by to play!

    • Oh, thank you! That means so much to me! I’m still working on finishing it up and getting it out to publishers, but I hope it’ll be available soon. Anevay is a hottie!

      I agree with you on the attraction of the paranormal. Part of it really is that there is so much in this universe that we can see or understand… and some of it might be sexy. 😉

      Thank you for stopping by to play!

  • What a great hop! I am having so much FUN!!!
    Linky Following: Renee Bennett
    Love PNR because anything is possible, the heroes are always hunky alphas, the sex is downright smexy and each story usually has an HEA.

    Thanks for being part of the 18 & Over blog hop and for the chance to win.

  • I have always been drawn to anything paranormal from as long as I can remember. I am not sure the why. Maybe just that my own imagination is so tremendous!
    Thanks for the giveaway. I followed twitter & facebook (annie slasher) and entered the Newsletter.


    • I think paranormal fans generally do have wild imaginations, and that’s why other genres don’t really do it for us. We need that stuff that’s way off the beaten path.

      Thank you so much for participating!

  • I’ve always been drawn to vampires. Started with Buffy where I fell in love with Angel to end with Eric from True Blood. I read loads of paranormal books and if they are well written you can almost believe it’s real. I’m in awe of writers and the worlds they can create. With es, werewolves, vampires, etc I don’t care and I blame it all on Buffy!

    Very hot sex scene but you always knew how to write hot, sexy, steamy, -did I mention hot????- sex scenes! Awesome!

    • Mmmmmm… Aaaaangelllll. LOL Remember those bimbos? I’ve loved vampires FOREVER, but Angel was the first one I fell hard for. Eric is delicious too. There are so many hot vampires around these days, but I’m a loyal fangbanger. 😉

      Glad you liked the sex scene! There will be a few more in the finished product, but that’s my favorite so far.

      Thanks for coming by!

  • Great ecerpt, loved it. I like the paranormal because most hero’s are damaged somehow, and most have lots of humor. Ths for giveaway.
    I follow on Linky, FB Lona Stringer, Twitter @LonaStringer and email

    blinkysthebest at aol dot com

  • Following on FB: June Manning
    I guess what I love about paranormals is that each book can be original, the author can create the world of their imaginations where nothing is impossible.
    Joined your mailing list: junemanning01
    I picked modern Dracula because he was my first exposure to vamps, & would love to have Gerald Butler bite me anytime 😉
    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com
    (it is a j after the _)

  • twitter – @nrlymrtl
    yahoo group newsletter: nrlymrtl
    nrlymrtl at gmail dot com

    I like paranormal fiction because it lets us draw on the mythology of the world, which is a great way of keeping world culture alive.

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