Thursday 13 for September 20 – 13 Favorite Horror Movies!

Published September 20, 2012 by The Author

Sorry I missed the 13 last week, but the 18 and Over Blog Hop REALLY took more time than I thought it was going to! I’ve got ton more this year, but I think next year I’ll be more circumspect in how many I join!

So anyway, it’s HORROR MOVIE SEASON! YAY! So my 13 this week is 13 of my FAVORITE horror movies! By “favorite,” it generally means that they scared the SHIT out of me and stick with me for that reason to this day. It may not be a re-play — once a particular scare is out, it doesn’t really keel me over again, but it’s listed here because that first scare was SO hardcore! Others are listed because they creep me out over and over again.

Thursday 13 September 20 2012

1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

2. Final Destination

3. Underworld

4. Pi

5. American Horror Story (I know it’s TV, but it’s SCARY AS SHIT!)

6. The Omen

7. Rosemary’s Baby

8. The Legacy

9. Let the Right One In (Swedish, please)

10. Audition

11. The Blair Witch Project (I couldn’t go in the basement for WEEKS after that sucker)

12. The Ring/Ringu (the Japanese version is, unsurprisingly, scarier)

13. The Shining (either version, although I think the TV mini-series might have freaked me out a tiny bit more.

There’s a whole separate list of Favorite Horror Movies… but they’re funny. And I could go on here all day, but I HAVE TO GET BACK TO WRITING! 😉

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10 comments on “Thursday 13 for September 20 – 13 Favorite Horror Movies!

    • I don’t blame you — everybody’s got their own tastes! It’s like my mother is obsessed with apocalyptic movies (as long as there are no zombies). My dad loves war flicks. I can’t stand either one. It’s like fiction, right?

      Thank you for coming by!

  • I love-love-LOVED the original Let the Right One In – and the book was great, too. If you haven’t read it, give it a try. It’s a little different from the film, but just as satisfying. 🙂

    Happy (belated) TT to you! 🙂

    • I ADORED that movie. The American remake seemed so lame by comparison. I’ll definitely have to check out the book!

      Thanks for stopping by! (I don’t care if you’re “late” — I barely remembered to do it at all!)

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