It’s a…. day!

Published September 25, 2012 by The Author

Boy, I hyped that up, didn’t I? Tuesday! Wooo! Have I ever mentioned that when I worked in HELL (i.e. the office environment), Tuesday was my least favorite day of the week? Seriously, I used to dread Tuesdays. I’ve blanked out the reasons, now. I guess because Monday… well, you expect Monday to suck, because your corporate masters drag you out of your comfy, fun lair and shackle you back to your desk again. Wednesday is HUMP Day, and 1.) I’m 12, so HUMP, and 2.) It’s halfway through the week toward freedom! Thursday is the day before Friday. Friday is FRIDAY!!!!!! Saturday is FREEDOM DAY! Sunday can get kind of depressing unless you like sports or church, because you know your master is just hovering outside your line of vision waiting for the next morning. But still, you’re free at that point.

But what is Tuesday? Tuesday is NOTHING. You’re still recovering from the agony of Monday, and you still have to wait even for the minor excitement of HUMP. It’s just a day in the coal mines without anything to look forward to or that has any particular meaning.

So, boo, Tuesday. Although, now you’re not so bad, I guess.

Wait… weren’t Buffy and Angel on Tuesdays at one point?

Buffy/Angel Color Bar

4Eva, baby! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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