Happy October! Welcome to HALLOWS MADNESS 2012! Don’t miss the release of my short story POSITIVE ENCOUNTER!

Published October 2, 2012 by The Author
Hallows Madness 2012!

It’s Time for the Madness!

This is my absolute FAVORITE month of the year, which ends on my favorite holiday! So the Hallows Madness Celebration is the perfect opportunity to celebrate on my blog! I have tons of fun planned, including themed blog posts about favorite horror movies and shows, interviews with my characters, free short stories, and more!

Positive Encounter Cover

Steamy, Sweet Vampire Romance

And to start things off, I’m celebrating the re-release of my short vampire Romance, POSITIVE ENCOUNTER!


The newest fad for the discerning thrill-seeker is “Positive Encounters” — being bitten by a vampire in an elegantly controlled environment. If everyone follows a strict set of rules called The Encounter Commandments, the client gets a thrill, and the vampire gets an easy meal.

Lonely wallflower Winnie Mulligan isn’t much for thrills. But when she overhears the girls at work raving about Positive Encounters, her curiosity is piqued. The safe, controlled environment Positive Encounters provides for its clients seems the perfect opportunity to really step out of her comfort zone without putting herself at too much risk.

Briggs Aubrey has been a slave of Positive Encounters since its inception — the only way he can assuage his hunger without hurting anyone, the only way he can ease his guilt for what he did to the owner during her human life. He’s gone numb from the disconnection from his nature, from the world, and barely survives on automatic pilot.

But when Winnie and Briggs are driven to break all the rules during an Encounter, anything could happen.

Positive Encounter -- Fell the Bite!

To celebrate the new release AND my favorite time of year, I’m offering a coupon for 50% POSITIVE ENCOUNTER from now until November 2! Just enter the savings code CJ49U (not case-sensitive) at checkout, and they’re all yours!

Stay tuned for more Hallows-themed stories, games, and all kinds of other fun throughout the month!

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