On the 4th Day of Halloween… And the Thursday 13 for October 4!

Published October 4, 2012 by The Author

On the Fourth Day of Halloween
My true, creepy love gave to me:
Four Cackling Witches
Three shambling zombies
Two Serial Killers
and a Vampire Biting my Neck!


This week, my Thursday 13 is THEMED again. In the horror vein, here are THIRTEEN THINGS THAT SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME… in books, movies, TV shows… or in real life!

NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART — if you’re not a big horror fan, it’s okay, you can just skip to the comments and let me know what scares you!

Thursday 13 Pumpkins!

1. Bones Breaking — I swear, I can handle slashing, stabbing, heads being pulled off, you name the gory horror movie trope, and I’m all “Meh.” But show bones breaking, and I’m running for the bathroom. I have no idea why.

2. Those J-Horror Ghosts — You know Japanese horror movies (or American Remakes) like Ringu/The Ring or The Grudge… you know those creepy algae blue-green ghosts that move more like bugs with broken bones than ghosts? They SERIOUSLY FREAK ME OUT.

3. Blank Windows at Night — You just KNOW that something scary is going to pop up into that window. I can’t even deal with this in real life. I HAVE to have my shades drawn after dark, otherwise something is definitely going to get me, and it’s not going to be a sexy vampire.

4. Heads on Wrong Bodies/Mis-shaped Heads — I’m talking like, a human head on an animal body or something. I saw this in the 70’s version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers (remember the dog?) and I STILL have nightmares about it.

5. Cars that Drive Themselves — “Christine,” “The Hearse,” “The Car”…I don’t know why, but the idea of homicidal automobiles driving around on their own is just… *shudder*

6. Dank, Dusty, Unfinished Basements — I blame this firmly on the original Blair Witch Project. I went to a friend’s house right after seen that in the theater (and being completely freaked out by the ending, thank you very much), and he was all, “Hey, can you go down in the basement and grab some beer?” and I’m all “Fuuuuuuuck no, buddy.” If my own basement wasn’t finished, I’d be screwed, since I heat with wood and the woodstove is down here.

7. Cannibals — Not the racist “everybody who lives in the rainforest and wears a headdress eats people” kind, but the kind you see in movies. Like, I saw an episode of a show called “Fear, Itself” that was on a few years ago… and I can’t talk about it more than that. Let’s just say that if I wasn’t already a vegetarian, I WOULD BE NOW.

8. Talking Disembodied Body Parts — Heads are usually the culprit. If you’re chopped up, you should shut up.

9. Inbred Psychos — Probably because there’s just too many of these in the area where I live, and maybe I saw Motel Hell or Deliverance a few too many times. I’m okay with banjos, though.

10. Death — Not as a character, but as a stalking, invisible entity. I’m one of the few people on the planet who is scared to shit by the Final Destination movies.

11. Silence — In the movies, the use of silence is a LOT scarier than all those screaming noises and soundtracks. It’s usually when the scene is dead silent when something horrible is about to happen, and I’m gripping my chair so hard it hurts my knuckles.

12. CREEPY CHILDREN — Seriously, the younger the villain, the scarier.

13. Hellraiser — The entire movie, everything about it, scares the pants off me. The guy in the attic, the demons, what the woman does to help the guy in the attic… Blech.

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So what scares the crap out of you?

8 comments on “On the 4th Day of Halloween… And the Thursday 13 for October 4!

  • What scares me? I don’t know. Horror films don’t scare me, but some of Stephen King’s books frequently do. I couldn’t sleep for ages after reading The Shining – between the hedges (creepy) and the wasp nest (nauseatingly terrifying), it was almost too much for me.

    • A LOT of King’s stuff has scared me over the years. Notice I mentioned Christine up there? That book TERRIFIED me. And I honestly can’t remember what I just read recently of his that was a few years old that seriously had me looking over my shoulder for a while…OH! It was “Bag of Bones” — SO creepy. When I was younger, “IT” scared the pants off me too.

      The Shining… Yeah, that’s a classic. The twins? The bathtub and the flood of blood? All Work and No Play? *shudder*

  • I am the biggest weenie on earth! I don’t go to horror movies, I skip ghost shows, I don’t read creepy books. I refuse to step foot on a ferris wheel or roller coasters. When I was in second grade I saw a rollercoaster run off the track and fall to the ground. You know how people scream when the rollercoaster shoots down a drop and around a corner? The screams changed from enjoyment to terror. The cars twisted in mid air like playskool cars, and the people seemed to float above. The rollercoaster hit the ground first, and the peop.le hit later, and they bounced. Guess what my worst nightmre is.

  • I have nightmares from any horror flicks. So I don’t watch them. What scares the crab out of me? If I think I’m alone and someone “appears”. Whenever something unexpected like that happens, I jump.

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