On the Fifth Day of Halloween…

Published October 5, 2012 by The Author

My true, creepy love gave to me:


So, everybody has been telling me for years how horrible and terrifying the movie Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is. It’s sort of an 80’s true crime-ish movie… and I honestly did not get the hoopla. It is NOT a horror movie. It’s a OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED AND IT COULD TOTALLY HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE, except it was so over the top with the psychosis, the story just felt completely disjointed.

Now I need two ACTUAL horror movies to wash the taste of that sick crap out of my mouth.

Feeling particularly uninspired today. Could be the health, could be the gloomy weather. Not like, fun gloomy, but like, cold and wet gloomy. Blech. No sexy creatures out in this weather. Not even ghosts, man. They’re all huddled in their haunted houses around their ghostly fires, saying, “Man, this weather sucks.”

Not every day of the holidays can be cheerful and wondrous, I suppose. *sigh*

The Irony is not Funny to Kitteh

The irony fails Kitteh today.

But I am at least going to do a tiny bit of fun shopping while I’m out running errands this afternoon. Did I ever sing you the Lament of the Kindle Fire? Ah, well, gather ’round, boys and girls, and let me sing you this sad, sad song.

When I heard of the upcoming Kindle Fire in the summer of 2011, I could hardly contain myself. I was making so-so money freelancing after a long time off, but even with so-so money I could save up for this wondrous gadget! I don’t usually do gadgets, since I 1.) can’t keep track and 2.) mostly don’t care, and 3.) am dirt poor. But $200 bucks? I was SO there! So I saved.

But sometimes Santa-Parents are so kind, and they gave me the beloved Precious for Yule/Christmas! (They refuse to acknowledge my celebration of the former, but what are you going to do? They’re older.) I was like a kid… well, on Christmas morning! I downloaded every free game I could get my grubby hands on, and played with it hour after hour, every day. I kept all kinds of information on it: my calendar, my notes, my books, and more. My Precious!

Suddenly, a few months later… My Precious wouldn’t charge anymore. The crappy microport into which the charger cord was delicately supposed to fit just gave up, and My Precious could charge no more. I lost a bit of information, but I do have to be thankful for the Amazon cloud. Since Precious was under warranty, Best Buy was required to replace it, and they did. So I could download most of what I lost from the cloud, and Second Precious was born. Second Precious performed admirably… for about half the time of Original Precious, until exactly the same thing went wrong.

I love the Kindle Fire — for my purposes, it is absolutely perfect. But this flaw is seriously annoying, and how many times can you return the product and download all your data all over again? *sigh*

BUT… Best Buy was no longer carrying 1st Generation Preciouses. They would “have” to replace it with the shiny new Kindle Fire HD, which… well, all respect to the dead Preciouses, KICKS ASS. Better picture, speakers, a camera and microphone. Bigger around the edges, making it easier to handle. SO I returned Precious II and acquired TROIS. That’s what I named her, hoping she’ll be luckier. ALAS, the protective cover for the Preciouses don’t fit on TROIS. SO, with the Best Buy gift card I have, plus a little cash, I’m going to go pick out a new one today. Of course, I WANT pink, because… well, I have the girly curse of loving pink, but I take my Kindle EVERYWHERE, so a dark purple or black is probably the better choice. *sigh*

And that, children, is The Lament of the Kindle Fire!

Anybody else with a Kindle run into those kind of issues?

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