Welcome to the Alpha Male Blog Hop! I Command You to Enter! ;)

Published October 19, 2012 by The Author

Alpha Male Blog Hop

What is your favorite thing about Alpha Heroes? Well, we authors are ready to share our favorite Alpha Males, our favorite things about them, and everything sexy and heated about those Alpha Males you can think of. *wink* Starting today and ending on Oct 22nd, over 200 Authors and Bloggers will share their favorite things about those sexy men we know and love.

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What does it mean to be an alpha male? We hear a lot of talk about how they’re the most popular kind of hero in UF/PNR, but I wonder if we’re all describing the same creature!Yum

I’ve always just imagined the Alpha is “The Guy in Charge,” the Big Guy, the one that everyone either looks up to or is afraid of, and therefore obeys. He’s the leader. He’s usually the largest of the bunch, with a butch, assertive (or pushy/bossy, depending on your point of view), the one who makes the big, ultimate decisions. He may be a hero, a reluctant hero or he may be an anti-hero (one of my favorites — the guy who really shouldn’t be a hero, but is). In his most ideal form, he’s the one who sacrifices all, often including his own life, for the betterment of all who depend on/follow him.

He’s generally the baddest ass, as is demonstrated in classic werewolf stories. To be Alpha, you have to be able to hold your place of power against all comers. Which brings the discussion of power into the discussion: the Alpha is the guy with the power, whatever that means in the context of the story.

Recently, the ladies over at Coffee & Porn in the Morning had a very interesting conversation about this very topic, and brought up some qualities about the Alpha male that I had never considered before. Amy’s and primary point was, and I quote: “He who hath the biggest balls is not always the bestest lion. It takes more than cajones and an attitude to be an alpha male.”

The ladies go on to argue that the true Alpha, the leader, always has to put the good of the many over the good of the few — thanks, Mr. Spock. They say that a great leader HAS no true personal life, because it will always have to be held up in sacrifice of the things he has to do to keep his land/pack/people safe. Superman really can’t run off to save Lois Lane all the time (even though he totally used to all the time), because he’s supposed to be saving the world.

If we accept this definition of Alpha, I think it’s problematic for our genres (UF/PNR). After all, with PNR in particular, the ROMANCE is the central part of the plot. To be a romance hero, you HAVE to be putting your cajones on the line to save your love, no matter who else you’re supposed to be protecting. So while I find the conversation the ladies at Coffee & Porn had was thought provoking and certainly something to keep in mind, it can’t by definition work for us here.

Then again, how many “come here/go away because of our duty” relationships can you name? I can think of a classic TV one right off the top of my head: Buffy and Angel. While there were a lot of complicated reasons why they separated and stayed that way during the series (I spit on the comics. Ptew!) was their duty to their calling, to the cities they protected, and ultimately, to the world. In the Angel episode, “I Will Remember You,” Angel gives up the chance to have all of his dreams come true — to be human, to have a life with Buffy — because, as he says, “And if I stayed mortal one of us would wind up dead, maybe both of us… I won’t just stand by and let you fight, maybe die, alone…You saw what happened last night.  If anything I’m a liability to you.  You take chances to protect me, and that’s not just bad for you, it’s bad for the people we were meant to help…  How can we be together if the cost is your life, or the lives of others?”

So which is it? Does love hurt or help the Alpha? Is his stand as the leader strengthened or weakened by his love interest?

Part of what I like in more recent years is the rise of the kick-ass heroine. The ultimate UF/PNR storyline, to me, is the heroine/hero being an equal pair that balance one another. That they can, and do, survive alone and do all right, but working together, bolstered by their physical/mental abilities and emotional ties to one another, make a better team, better able to protect the people/city/planet/pack. I love a lone/lonely Alpha who discovers that he is MORE when he has a heroine that can not only hold her own, but contribute to whatever his job is. So he may still be big and surly, but he respects his partner, and is a big squishball deep down toward them because of it.

The Alpha and his equal partner may have to save one another’s bacon every now and again, but the days of the damsel in distress are (or should be, imo) long gone.

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95 comments on “Welcome to the Alpha Male Blog Hop! I Command You to Enter! ;)

  • My favorite alpha male is more like a family of them…The Mackenzie’s created by Linda Howard are my favorite ones…but I also love the Doms in Cherise Sinclair’s Shadowlands series.
    my email is: qwilliarain AT gmail DOT com

    • Oh, I LOVE the MacKenzies! They’re some of the few non-paranormal male characters I really adore! I haven’t read the Shadowlands series, but I’ll definitely check it out.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I think my favorite alpha male is Curran in the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews. He is as Alpha as Alpha gets, but he and his equally Alpha heroine have developed a strong partnership where they both trust the other to do the saving when necessary.

    jessicafritsche at gmail dot com! (PS HUGS)

    • Hi baby! I don’t think I’ve read that one. I trust your taste, so ON the TBR it goes! LOL I love a story where the heroine can hold her own with an alpha. My favorite kind of couple… as you know. 😉 My non paranormal book favorites include Eve Dallas/Roarke in J.D. Robb/La Nora’s In Death series and Jamie Fraser/Claire Fraser in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. The men are plenty butch and in charge, but their wives are as kick ass as they come!

      Thanks for stopping by, honey pie! *hugs*

      • I think you’ll like Curran. He’s a giant werelion and all kinds of hot stuff, but Kate is no sissy and she smacks him on the nose when he deserves it! I also love Eve and Roarke AND Jamie and Claire…that reminds me, I need to probably re-start the Outlander series and catch up. I smell a fall reading project!


        • I haven’t done my annual re-reading yet. I’ve been so swamped with writing, promo, trying to actually make money AND trying to read new stuff, I only got through OUTLANDER this year.

          It’s shamful, really. 😉

    • I know, it’s really hard to choose, isn’t it? I find that a lot of times, when I name my favorite heroes in general, they usually end up being Alphas by default! 😉

      Thank you for stopping by!

    • Yeah, baby! LOL I’m with you. Although I appreciate a brooder as well… and the reluctant hero. Not that he’s reluctant about taking action when it needs to be taken, but he’s not your “run out and sacrifice himself” guy.

      Oh, hell, I love them all. As long as they’re large and in charge. 😀

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I love Alphas, because I need someone as confident and dominant as me to be an equal in our relationship – I hate the feeling as if partner is less powerful than me and cannot make it without me.

    My favourite Alpha male is Gabriel from Annette Curtis Klause’s Blood and Chocolate, because he’s strong, confident and willing to fight for what he wants.

    Thanks for doing this!

    Rachel (oceanrebel333 [at] gmail [dot] com)

    • I loooooove Blood and Chocolate. Awesome story!

      I feel the same way about Alphas. I’m also very assertive in real life, and it is a real turn off if a guy just lets me run everything 100% of the time. There has to be some give and take, and I appreciate a guy who won’t put up with some of my more annoying crap.

      Plus, you know… in bed. 😉

      However, my fictional authors can be WAY more Alpha than my real-life men without making me want to kick them in the butt.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Roarke is in my top 5 all-time favorite romance heroes, and the In Death Series one of my favorite series. The biggest thing I adore about that series is what I mentioned in the post: the couple that is strong individually, but even stronger as a unit. Few couples illustrate that as perfectly as Dallas and Roarke!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I agree with you in that it is nice when the love life adds to the hero – rather than making him weaker.

    I personally love the “take charge” attitude that alphas have and their willingness to fight for what they want. Right now I am attempting to read a book where the main guy is the opposite of an alpha – he is driving me crazy! I want to jump into the story and hit him over the head and tell him to get off his behind, stop writing depressing poetry, and go save his girlfriend who is in mortal danger! Then I realize that this would do no good as there is already a secondary character doing that and getting nowhere and if I had the ability to jump into a book this is certainly not where I would go.

    Anyway, thanks for participating in the hop!

    dmr8888 at yahoo dot com

    • Don’t you hate it when you run into stories like that? LOL Maybe he’ll take up the mantle in the end and become a true hero! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love a brooder, but when it gets in the way of action, it’s a little lame.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • OMG I LOVE Acheron. He is like, UBER-Alpha. Plus, I have a thing for damaged heroes, and boy is he that! Plus, he comes with Simi, who is my absolute favorite character in the whole series!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • Not a fan of the presented definition of a true alpha because it makes the person bound only to the duty of being the leader and taking care of everyone else.
    One of my favorite alphas is Zarek from Dance with the Devil (Sherrilyn Kenyon).
    bituin76 AT hotmail DOT com

  • Why I love Alpha Males is no real surprise! The perfect Alpha Male for me could be a Vampire, a Scottish Laird, an English Rogue/Gentleman, a Werewolf or Shape-shifter, or a Knight. He’s the rogue who thinks he can’t be reformed into a gentleman. He’s the rough and scarred Scottish laird that has a heart of gold. He’s the werewolf or shape-shifter that needs to heal an aching heart because it took him years to find his true mate. He’s the vampire who has waited decades for that special someone’s blood to sing to him and wake him up. And he’s the knight who can defeat the enemy with a quick swing of his sword, but can’t see the love in front of his face. My Alpha Male has eyes that can see into your soul and are as blue as the sea, or as black as a storm. He’s tall and brooding. His heart can enfold you into its grasp and make you fall in love when he gives it to you freely and completely. He is protective and passionate. In the end he is the one that makes your heart jump and butterflies fly in your stomach, and still kiss you until your legs melt!


    • Oh, I ADORE Roarke! Eve/Roarke are one of my all time favorite couples, because they are both so independently kick ass, yet they make each other stronger, help each other heal from their terrible pasts. One of my must-buy series, always!

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • I think in order to be alpha a man has to be able to take charge. They also need to have strength, both physical and emotional.

    Jyl22075 at gmail.com

  • I totally love the over confident, strong willed, somewhat over-bearing protective Alpha. With that said, he also needs to have ‘the looks’ I so love: dark longish hair, over 6’3″, green eyes with long black eyelashes, a killer smile, and dimples are a bonus. Don’t forget that muscular physique. No doubt he’ll have a cocky attitude with all that greatness above, which I also love, but he better have some Snark in his sense of humor. I need to laugh AND want to kick his a$$ at the same time. lmao
    Thank you so very much
    Sebrina_Cassity at yahoo dot com

  • Alpha males are awesome! Betas are too so got to love them ALL!
    They can be dark and mysterious, but mostly have to be protective, humorous, loving, strong, and just be themselves.
    Thanks for the giveaway and being apart of the Blog Hop!

    • They’re ultimately my favorite, although I do have my “straight up” hero favorites. The reluctant hero, the hero that doesn’t fit the mold…he’s extra sexy for it, especially when driven by love!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • One of my favorite alpha males is Rhett Butler. I remember having a huge crush on him as a teen. He just had that commanding, devil may care attitude.

    I love my alpha man to be Dominant yet have a sense of humor. He is loyal, protective, and isn’t afraid to enjoy the small things in life.

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

    • OMG, me too! GWTW was my favorite novel for many years, and Rhett was just the man’s man, wasn’t/isn’t he? He never let Scarlett get away with her spoiled crap! 😉

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • Some of the Alpha’s I like to read about are in Lora Leigh’s Breed Series, J.D. Tyler’s An Alpha Pack novel, Patricia Briggs Alpha and Omega Series, and Michelle Hauf’s books. I like Alpha’s that are strong and know what want & aren’t afraid to go for it either even if they have to take risks to get it. I also like Alpha’s that’s not afraid to let his mate fight that she too can be powerful and together they are a team they work together. Alpha’s that fight for what they want, declare their mates and don’t let anyone get in their way of their true love and happiness.
    kimdg1993@aol.com or kimdg1993@yahoo.com

  • While I do not particularly like alpha’s in real life, there is nothing better than a take charge, confident, sexy, strong, intelligent alpha in a book. My one characteristic for me to fall in love with an alpha though is a sarcastic or snarky sense of humor. By far my favorite character alpha is Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries (I had to skip your spoiler in the most recent blog since I am not caught up on the series!). In real life, I have a true alpha male and he is my Pomeranian Cosmos. He defends me to no end, eats first, mates with my female first (whether she wants it or not lol), and is constantly barking (get it?) orders!
    Thanks so much for participating in this blog hop. It is my first and I am loving it!
    Best wishes,

    • Sorry about the spoiler — I do try to put in warnings, because I’m behind on a bunch of series and I HATE getting spoiled. Part of being a slow TV Geek, I suppose. LOL

      Damon… ROCKS. You may have notice I have a serious thing for him as well. LOL Yes, the attitude — the self-assurance (with just a little weakness, a bit of self-loathing and vulnerability within), the mouth. All of it covers up such a sense of duty and a soft spot for the heroine. Another great TV character for that (although he doesn’t have a heroine so much as a brother) is Dean Winchester on Supernatural.

      Hee! “Barking!” My cats don’t bark… mostly they use the patented “Feline Stare of Death” to order me around. But they do wrap us around their paws, don’t they?

      Thank you so much for stopping by!

    • Oh, see, now, you’ve got me thinking about hot guys AND bacon! That’s just not right. 😉

      I love writing and reading Alphas too… obviously. LOL They’re a blast. Even better is when the heroine takes them down a notch or two!

      Thanks for stopping by!

    • Yes! It’s like the initial confusion of having this new notion in their life throws them off, but once they accept it inside themselves, it’s a great source of strength.

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • Yes, Yes, YES!!! About everything you said… Yes! :o) You can be a strong woman and still appreciate an alpha male… and he is an even better alpha if he can appreciate a strong woman! I heard it earlier “I like a dominant with a little bit of kink” and if you add in a strong female… hello sparks!

  • Alpha males are the best….strong, independent, fiercely protective, but on the inside they are nothing but a big ol’ teddy bear! I love the way their mouths talk filthy, but their eyes portray their sensitive sweet. They can be rough and tough in the bedroom, but still have the gentle caress of an attentive and protective lover. It’s all in the heart…..alpha males are the best!

    Jack Gordon from Liz Crowe’s REALTOR series rocks!

    Thanks for participating in the hop!

    molly at reviewsbymolly dot com

    • La Nora is the QUEEN, of course! And I love the MacKenzies — I think those are the only heroes of Linda’s I can think of off the top of a my head. A good Alpha makes the story!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • I love Alpha males who are strong and protecitve!
    What a great blog hop Alpha males are my favorite!
    One of my favorite Alpha males is Decebal from The Grey Wolves Series by Quinn Loftis!
    Thank you for the great giveaway!
    Latisha D
    tishajean@ charter.net

  • An Alpha can be protective, loving, caring, gentle and considerate to his partner but he also can be the most fearsome and aggressive if threatened. He will protect his loved ones to the death. I can’t be specific on one or two Alpha’s that I love… Too many of them! LOL
    Thanks for the HOP!

  • I love that Alpha heroes tend to go for strong women as well – I consider myself a strong woman and have a hard time finding a connection with wishy-washy female characters. I think an Alpha must have strength, compassion, and above all, confidence. My favourite Alpha is Adam from Patricia Briggs’ Mercedes Thompson novels.

    jochibi AT yahoo DOT com

    • Yes! I think the wimpy heroine is a relic of the old bodice rippers, myself. Thank goodness.

      Can you believe I haven’t read the Mercedes Thompson books? Women of the Otherworld either! They’re both next on my TBR after Joey W. Hill’s Vampire Queen series (I’m in for a little kink right now. LOL)

      Thank you for stopping by!

  • I love my Alpha Males. They keep me coming back for more.
    I Love that they are strong, loyal, confident, and how protective they are of their woman even when they KNOW she can kick some major ass.
    My favorite “Alpha Male” is Smitty from Shelly Laurenston’s The Beast In Him”. He is a real laid back kind of alpha male until you threaten someone he cares about. Then all bets are off and that BEAST comes out to kick ass.
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.

  • Alphas are the best.. make them big, tall, dark and handsome, with charisma, intelligence, assertiveness, passion and protectiveness and I’ll be in heaven :]
    cms72023 at gmail dot com

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