Published November 1, 2012 by The Author

Wicked After Dark Blog Hop WINNER!

The $10 All Romance Ebooks Gift Certificate and Copy of SWORD OF REGRET go to:

JENNY (Jyl22075)!

Congratulations, Jenny!

Thank you first of all to CLOSE ENCOUNTERS WITH THE NIGHT KIND and NATASHA BLACKTHORNE for the awesome hop. You are some truly wicked ladies!

Many thanks to all the naughty ladies who stopped by during the hop to chat about their what makes them feel WICKED. Stay tuned for more cool prizes… well, until the end of time, because I’m a total Blog Hop junkie. *G* Pick your season, and I’m on a hop for it. I swear, I’m trying to cut back.

I actually have a few days with NOTHING scheduled except NaNo madness, but keep an eye out next week for THE NEXT BIG THING blog tag, where I’ll be talking about my WIP, THE VALKYRIE AND THE VAMPIRE, and The AUTUMN’S HARVEST BLOG HOP, where we can talk about all the things we love about fall.

Stay tuned for the THURSDAY THIRTEEN, and then I’m off to jam in my NaNo words and try to get a freelance gig before I pass out! I miss singing. *sigh*

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