Very tired writer woman. *yawn* Hey, are you an author who wants a little free publicity?

Published November 5, 2012 by The Author

First,  I’m looking for three authors to fill in empty spaces for THE NEXT BIG THING Blog Tag/Hop thingy. Basically, I’ll be posting on November 7th about Monster hits on the bestseller lists (that kind of rhymes), then I’ll chat a bit about my WIP, THE VALKYRIE & THE VAMPIRE, and then I “tag out” on five authors (I’m cheating on one — it’s going to be A. Sangrey Black. But hey! I/she has a new release coming out the next week!) Most of the other author’s I’ve been speaking to are swamped with writing, promos, or touring, and begged off.

I swear, the most time it’s taken for me on this Tag is finding writer friends with free time! What happens is, after I finish my rambling, I’ll present the contact information (Blog, books sales link, Twitter, Facebook, whatever you want), and my readers will stop by to check YOU out, and see what YOU see about these topics. Then you tag as many authors as you can get your fingers on and pass on the love. Your post, if you choose to join in, would go up November 14th, so you have plenty of time to type something up.

If you’re interested, comment on this post with your email address, or drop me a line at hafowler at gmail dot com.


I am WIPED out, kids. I did two big freelance projects in two days, worked on promo for IF WISHES WERE SHADOWS, worked on my WIP’s (but didn’t report my NaNo words or anything!), did edits on another A. Sangrey Black short story, did some outlining, tried to get some reading done and… etc. Sleep has been elusive due to racing mind and constant ideas waking me up in the middle of the night, for which I have to wake up and write them down before they vanish into my dreams.

Of course, sometimes I wake up in the morning and find a sticky note beside my bed that looks like it was written by a drunk three year old that says something like, “Alien rock salt leather. Sunshine! Eyes like Dean and that guy with the purple nose.”

… What am I supposed to do with this? I mean, I get the Dean and the rock salt, because I’ve been immersed in a Supernatural re-watch for a while. But aliens? Sunshine? Purple noses?

I don’t know, man. I think I may be over-medicated.

ANYWAY. A few other pieces of business:

1. I opened an account on AUTHORGRAPH, which is pretty cool. If you own any of my ebooks or want to buy them, you can get them personalized and signed!

Positive Encounter by H.A. Fowler2. POSITIVE ENCOUNTER (All Romance Ebooks | Smashwords) is now $0.99! Now and forever! If you’ve been shying away from a short-short story for a too-big price, now it’s the next best thing to free. Which sounds kind of pathetic, I know, but… I’m one of those weird sappy writers who is more dedicated to having people read their work than making money… okay, not that I DON’T want to make money, but let’s face it — how many of us in the industry are making a living writing novels in the vast forest of Ebookland? You really need to be in it for love, and the slim hope you’ll be JK Rowling someday.  I’m also still sort of in that fanfic mindset: I’d like some positive feedback or ratings even more than the pennies I get for each copy. BUT I’LL TAKE THE PENNIES TOO, so feel free to buy and share your thoughts. 😀

Okay, I’m off to try and get some NaNo words in today. You know, I think I should get credit for the 1300 words of copy I had to write for my freelance assignment, dammit. But, no, I’ll just do fiction at least, even if it’s not the novel I was supposed to be working on.

Hope everyone is well! If I get a chance after voting, errands, and more writing, I’ll post again. Stay tuned for THE NEXT BIG THING on November 7th, and please do get in touch if you’d like a free link and a chance to talk about your WIP!

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