Welcome to the ROMANCE REVIEWS Year-End Splash (YES!) Party

Published November 15, 2012 by The Author

The ROMANCE REVIEW Year-End Splash (YES!) Party

It has been an amazing year here on Bloodthirsty Muses — I even grew a new NOT SO SEEKRIT KINKY PSEUDONYM who is publishing even smuttier stories than I usually do. In fact, her first novella, IF WISHES WERE SHADOWS, is released today, so make sure you stop by her blog, Shadowed Hearts for lots of naughty fun!

But right now, it’s time for the BIG TIME ROMANCE REVIEWS YEAR-END SPLASH PARTY! It’s a gigantic celebration of romance books, writers, and fans. Over 300 authors are taking part in the festivities (including me), each one giving out great prizes, and offering you a chance to win a fantastic grand prize from TRR, meet and chat with your favorite authors (or discover some new ones!) and play fun games like trivia and cover matching games. If you’d like to take part in the games and giveaways, make sure to register at The Romance Reviews!

I will have a trivia question from THE VEIL up on November 23, so make sure to take a guess and come back to enter your response here — it’ll get you an extra chance to win my prize through the Rafflecopter below!

It’s the time of Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and I have a lot to be thankful for: the ability to imagine, the luxury to write, wonderful fans, a freelance job that gives me a little money, my friends and family, my fuzzy feline babies, and the fact that while my health and that of others in my household may not be great, we’re all whole and chugging along as best we can. We have the resources for some health care that many do not. We have food in the fridge, a roof (albeit a little leaky) over our heads. There are a lot of people not far from here and around the world that can’t say the same.

And okay, on the more shallow side, I’m thankful for the ability to read and the talent and hard work of thousands of writers who bust their buts to entertain me.

So while you’re having some fun, take a second to think about what you’re thankful for, profound or shallow — or both, there’s not shame in it.

THEN PARTY in celebration of it all!

Click for the Rafflecopter Giveaway!

This party goes on for a MONTH, so there may even be more prizes added to my kitty by then! The winner will be announced on DECEMBER 15, right in time for the holidays!

Thank all of you for being such great friends, fans, bloggers, colleagues, and other parts of THIS WRITER’S MADNESS. It’s you who helps me deal with those damn Bloodthirsty Muses! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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